The Top 3 Commandments of Training to Get Results

the top three commandments for training to get results

Are you just starting out on a strength training program and you’re not sure where to begin? Or maybe you are at an intermediate level in your strength training, and you’re just not seeing results. 

Do you WANT to start seeing results at the gym?

We all want to see progress. And by progress, I don’t mean increased squat totals. I’m talking about how you look in a tank top. How do you make the time you spend at the gym so effective it shows? How do you build muscle? How do you look AWESOME? 

Today I’ve got 3 commandments of strength training that will amplify your results without making a lot of modifications to your routine.

Commandment 1 – Thou shalt get stronger. 

What does this mean? You need to be pushing your progression! Every time you go to the gym, make it your goal to do something a little bit better. Don’t pay attention to what others are doing. This is you vs. you.

Commandment 2 – Thou shalt not mix and match. Stop program-hopping. 

Most strength training programs have a shelf-life of about 6-12 weeks. Pick SOMETHING and get better at it. If you want to start seeing results at the gym, pick a strength training program and stick with it.

Commandment 3 – Thou shalt slow down. It isn’t necessarily about speed. 

It’s about tempo. Simply slowing down teaches your body to control the muscle you’re working and that is how you’ll get the results you want. 

Are you ready to start seeing results at the gym today? In today’s podcast, you’ll hear even more about the 3 commandments of strength training, and the benefits go farther than just muscle gain – I’m talking about mood-boosting and improved mental health!

Listen to the podcast for more!


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