What Your Dinner Must Include For Fat Loss And Recovery

what your dinner must include for fat loss and recovery

What if I told you that I had a supplement that could:

  • Lower your cortisol (aka the belly fat hormone) levels?
  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) which puts your body in “rest and digest” mode?
  • Lower adrenaline?
  • Help your muscles build and recover?
  • Improve your sleep?

What would you pay for 1 serving of that supplement? 

Or, what if I told you that you probably have it in your house already?

Excited yet? What do you think it is? 

Not so fast. 

First, a story.

Once when I was selling books door-to-door in Ohio (to make money for college), I ran into the wrong guy. I knocked on his door, asked him if he was interested in the books I had, and within 60 seconds, he threw me against my car and started punching me in the face. There may or may not have been some meth-smoking going on by this guy (there definitely was), but he was batsh*t crazy.

What Happens When Our Bodies Are in Stress

When you experience something like I did in the story above, your body responds with an extra boost of cortisol and adrenaline, and your sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive. Imagine driving down a high-speed highway in 3rd gear—that’s what it’s like for your body under stress.

You may not be getting chased by a meth-head on a regular basis, but as hard core Westerners, we live in a constant state of stress. It’s what makes us feel tired, overwhelmed, and burned out.

Then, as the smart humans that we are, we start using stimulants (Red Bull, anyone?) in order to overcome our fatigue, which only leads to more stress and inflammation in your body. 

Your recovery time has to match your stress levels

You have to match the amount of stress you’re living in with enough recovery so that you break out of your bodies’ fight-or-flight mode. The truth is: you’ll never lose as much fat as you want to if you’re in a constant state of stress. Your body will hold onto fat to soothe itself like a toddler holding onto her favorite blankie.

That’s why in today’s podcast, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what to do and what to eat, specifically at dinnertime, to optimize your body’s recovery mode and fat loss potential! 

If you’re ready to learn to work WITH your body’s biorhythms and your natural state of energy to drop fat and manage stress, this podcast is for you!

Ready for it? Listen to today’s podcast.



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