13 Cheat Codes to get a Million Dollar Body


Over the last few years I’ve been wrong about a lot of things.

I’ve been right about a few things.

And their seem to be a small # of things that seem to work no matter what.

These are like “cheat codes”. And whether they’re food, exercise, mindset or something else. They seem to work for a lot of people and be a fairly simple way of looking at fitness and nutrition.

Best Cardio: 30/15/3. Using a treadmill, do 30 minutes on a 15 incline at a 3 speed. When you can do the whole thing without grabbing the handles, add a weight vest. 15-20 for females 20-30 for males.

How to Become Fat AND Carb Adapted: Start by shifting to fat adaptation, then slowly add back in unprocessed carbs at the right times.  This week’s podcast with Rachel Gregory clears up SO much on how to nail “metabolic flexibility.

How to Drink Alcohol without Gaining Fat: Have your biggest meal before you start drinking. Wait an hour between eating and drinking. Only have calorie free drinks (vodka soda, ranch water). Wait an hour before eating again. (here’s a deeper look at this)

How to Wake Up Energized and Burn Fat.: 32 ounces of h20 and 60 seconds of jumping jacks within the first few minutes of waking up

Best Detox: Fast with water, tea, or black coffee for 24-48 hours.

How to Build Muscle: Increase the weights you can use for 8 reps with a 4 second negative on 4-8 KEY moves (total, not each muscle group)

How to Lose Fat Fast: No carbs till dinner. 30/15/3 three times per week, fast 48 hours per week (straight or two 24s).

Best Supplements: Protein powder, Magnesium, D3 with K2, Creatine Monohydrate.

Best Recovery Technique: walk 30 min per day. Breathe deeply through your nose.

How to Get Over Being Sick: Increase vitamin D supplementation to 10-20,000 ius for the duration. Green drink every day. Nap a lot. Wear socks to bed.

How to Eat 90% of the Time: Pick a protein (meat, eggs, yogurt) add fruit or veggies. If that made of the majority of your meals, you’d be killing it.

How to Eat to Stay Lean for Life: This is a framework you can use to eat foods you love while feeling good and getting lean.
Breakfast: Protein and Fat
Lunch: Protein and Fruits/Veggies
Dinner: Protein, Veggies, and Carbs

Best Pieces of Advice: “Ready, Fire, Aim!” Start before you’re ready. Figure it out as you go. Too many people get bogged down by minutia and never accomplish anything because they didn’t have a good logo or the right shoes.

Get comfortable doing uncomfortable things. Tell yourself  “An epic life is born out of tough situations“.

Don’t die without any scars

Eat your steak rare

Never ignore a generous impulse

Send handwritten letters

Sweat every day.

…What advice would you add?




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