3 Ways to Remove Visceral Fat


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  1. I think personally if all I was able to eat was meat and fruit, I would do great. Doing keto for a month, the thing I missed most on a consistent basis was fresh fruit.I’m a big fan of peaches, nectarines, and plums during the summer.Some coaches will tell you the fruit makes you fat.

    But no one ever got fat from eating strawberries.

    Rather than worry about sugar content, simply move your fruit to the PM. Using a carb cycling approach enables you to be more flexible with what you eat at dinner.

    For me last night, I had a bunch of chicken thighs, cauliflower, 1 nectarine, a peach, and an apple…And then an ice cream sandwich for dessert.

  2. I used to talk about belly fat a lot – but now I know that visceral fat, the fat under the muscles and around the organs is actually at fault for many health issues. Including cravings and decreased willpower around food.There are only 3 main ways I’ve been able to decrease it (and no it’s not eat less and exercise more)-Decrease Inflammation and Stress
    -Increase Insulin Sensitivity
    -Give the Body a Reason to Burn FatCheck out the full podcast Kyle and I did talking about it HERE. At the end I give you the exact plan I used to drop 40lbs.
  3. 30/15/3 Treadmill walks are the best cardio that I was missing out on for the first few years of training.I’ve started getting back into them in the last 12 months, and they’ve been SO helpful in helping me stay lean, regardless of if I happened to have a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich the last few nights…30/15/3 just means: 30 minutes. 15 incline. 3 speed.

    I’d start slower and lower for your first times. If you’re a beast add a weight vest.


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  1. I’ve hurt my back really bad 3 times in my life.And it’s never fun or easy to fix. I’ve spent well over 15,000.00 on chiropractors, massage, physical therapy, cryo, red light, acupuncture, and everything else you can think of.The way I was actually able to fix my back pain was a combination or rolling, stretching, and strengthening. but IN THE RIGHT ORDER.

    I wrote up these steps in an eBook called The Low Back Solution.

    Which you can have for free if it would help you.

  2. Once you get out of pain, and want to develop a bulletproof core that keeps low back pain away but also gives you a lean chiseled midsection, check out this video on how to use Ab Wheel Roll Outs to get a abs without back pain

1 Question

Who cares if you win?

Not like “who cares?”. But rather, WHO are the people that are rooting for you to win? Your partner? Kids? Friends? Fitness Community?

Without a squad supporting you in your goals, it becomes exponentially harder to manage your environment long term.

I had a client who was SUPER motivated, but his wife kept bringing home fast food, ice cream, pressuring him to eat pizza… you probably have heard this story.

It wasn’t that she wanted to sabotage him, it was that HIS CHANGES brought up insecurities that she wasn’t good enough, and she responded the only way she knew how. By turning to food.

It’s damn near impossible to get results (or sustain them) with a partner that’s not on the same page.

This is a tricky situation to navigate. Not really a 1 size fits all. If you’re dealing with this, reach out and I’d love to talk off the record about some ways you could work through that rather than imploding the relationship or minimizing your own important goals.




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