Glycogen Priming Method: 1 of the 7 Critical Habits to Stay Focused for Clients at 8am and Family at 6pm


    Achievers are always looking for an edge. Something that will help them go from good to great, or even from great to unbeatable. One of the best ways to do that is starting with WHAT  you eat. And the Glycogen Priming Method is an extremely effective framework for creating more focus in your day.

    There are more ways to increase productivity than ever before. Smart watches, fitness trackers, rings that monitor your sleep and tell you when you need to shower (I’m assuming it has this function. We live in a world of productivity hacks, supplements, and even business-wear that promises to help you think faster.

    But why would you want a high ROI on a shit investment?

    That’s what it’s like when guys tell me that they want to take nootropics (brain enhancing supplements) but refuse to prioritize their sleep or stop eating Burger King.

    If you want to add a NOS tank to your 1987 Honda Civic, that’s fine with me, but I’ll crush your soul in a stock Ferrari every day.

    Once you upgrade some of your basic processes, like eating, sleeping, and training, then the supplements, brain hacks, and fancy gadgets you see online will make a massive impact, rather than solely helping you take expensive poops.

    Here are the top Seven Strategies that I use with the high achieving entrepreneurs I work with to help them get more out of the most primal performance enhancer: Food.

    1. The Secret Fat Loss Window

    It’s important to be hydrated. But I bet you didn’t read this to hear something that your mom has been telling you all your life.

    Here’s the skinny on hydration. Contrary to what many people think, we don’t “burn fat” in the gym or on the treadmill. All of our fat is burned/scorched/released or otherwise expelled at night when we breathe out moist air. If we lose 10lbs of fat, it will actually turn into 28lbs of carbon dioxide and 11lbs of water (this process requires 28lbs of oxygen thus satisfying the Law of Conservation of Mass)

    Most of this is released at night while we’re sleeping. Thus, when we’re trying to maximize our fat burning, it’s important to stay hydrated to replace the water we lose.

    Additionally, hydration is firmly linked to energy and strength. A 3% decrease in hydration can cause up to a 30% decrease in strength at the gym. Not that you’d want to go, because your headache would be colossal and you’d feel like a steaming bag of dog shit.

    All that to say when you wake up it’s important to re-hydrate first thing. before coffee, before stretching, before posting that snarky comment on your aunt’s Instagram post. This is a MUST.

    Action Step: Drink 24 ounces of water (minimum) upon waking up.

    Get Wet

    2. The 3 Best Supplements for Your Morning

    Supplements are just that – supplemental. Meaning they wont do jack for you if you don’t have your primaries in place before you get started.

    However I think that starting day with the supplements you need to create more energy, health, and vibrant focus in your life will keep you in a health mindset all day, so I believe that the AM is a great time to prioritize the nutrients you need and front load your day with veggies, protein, and the micronutrients that you might not get around to during a busy day.

    Although your personal supplements will vary depending on your life, goals, and any deficiencies we need to fill here are the three I would recommend daily in the AM

    • Vitamin D – boost immune function, increase fat burning, get more energy.
    • Protein – build and maintain muscle, increase satiety, feel energized.
    • Greens – increase immune function, gut health, and nourish your body with phytonutrients for skin, bone, and hair health.

    Action Step: Take your supplements in the morning with or after your water.

    supplements to take

    3. Drink Coffee the Right Way

    The average American wakes up, stumbles over to the coffee machine and makes a steaming cup of dirty bean juice and pounds it before they put anything else in their system.

    You are not average.

    Coffee is great as an antioxidant, but most of us drink it for the caffeine, whether or not you “feel” it is indicative of your tolerance level, and whether or not you’re a fast caffeine metabolizer. Get your genetics tested if you’re interested in that info.

    To get the most out of your coffee, wait minimum 60 minutes after rising to partake. This works well with your body’s natural hormonal balances. We can even call it a “bio-hack” if you’d like that better.

    Further, add some collagen peptides or MCT oil if you’re interested in getting more out of your coffee

    • Collagen – the glue that holds our bodies together. Helps strengthen joints, bones, skin, hair, and organs.
    • MCT Oil – an oil (beware, still has 100cal per Tablespoon) that digests in the gallblader, helps tune your body to burn more fat for fuel, and increases caffeine uptake in the brain.

    Action Step: Wait an hour before drinking your coffee. Add collagen (protein) and MCT Oil (fat) for a more powerful coffee that will help you stay focused all day.

    4. Use The Glycogen Priming Method™

    The Glycogen Priming Method™ is a  framework for eating during the day that allows for maximum energy by allowing your sympathetic nervous system (often called fight or flight, or hyperarousal) to stay turned on at a low grade level all day.

    Think about the mental state you would need to have if you were hunting an animal during the prehistoric times – you’d need to be alert, observant, poised, and ready for action at all times.

    Now most of us haven’t hunted saber tooth tigers since the Whole Foods Hot Bar was invented, but this same state is incredibly important for achievers and entrepreneurs to harness during the day.

    This is what allows us to focus intently while creating a presentation, be “fully present“, during a sales meeting, and to not be distracted after work when we’re spending time with our families.

    Being able to harness this level of focus starts with nutrition.

    The Glycogen Priming Method™ also allows our bodies to switch between burning fat for fuel and burning carbohydrates easily so that way we can take advantage of our bodies natural systems for developing focused energy and clarity around our businesses, bodies, and family.

    And while it’s not the main priority, The Glycogen Priming Method™ has a nasty habit of stripping off hard to remove belly fat at the same time.

    Action Step: Take THIS QUIZ to find out the hidden cause of belly fat, and to see if Glycogen Priming would work for you.

    5. Kill The Mid-Afternoon Lull

    After working hard all morning, often achievers will push off their hunger until it reaches uncomfortable levels and then binge on the first thing that speaks to them. And much of the time, when it does speak it says “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”.

    So we binge on 3+ burritos and instantly feel the food coma start to sneak up. That’s why average people don’t get much work done after lunch. It’s too easy to lower inhibitions and energy with a big meal and end up being reactive for the last half of the day, answering emails and checking Facebook every nine minutes to see if your Great Aunt has posted any more racist comments.

    Instead, switch to having salads at lunch if you want more energy at 2pm. I don’t necessarily mean just a side garden salad either.

    A Big Ass Salad is defined (by me) as being – A high-protein and veggie meal. This can be anything from fajitas (no tortilla) to chicken thighs with guacamole and strips of peppers and cucumber, to a literal big ASS salad.

    If you go the actual salad route, make sure you’re having oil and vinegar or a vinaigrette as a dressing. Nothing creamy or with additional sugars.

    Action Step: Have a big ass salad for lunch every day for maximum productivity and focus.

    Count it!

    6. Eat with Intention

    In western culture our biggest rituals around eating involve looking at our phones and seeing how much volume we can fit in our mouths.

    Ditch your phone and instead adopt a mantra of “This food is bringing me health, vitality, focus, and clarity with every bite”.

    Eat like this for a week and see how your mental state around meals change. It’s very powerful, and 90% of people will never do this step because it sounds a little woo-woo. I encourage you to try it out, even if just internally. This is especially important when eating lunch if you have a project or something important that needs to get done in the afternoon.

    Action Step: Realize that food is fuel, and eat with the intention of fueling your body and gaining energy and focus with every bite.

    7. Carbs for Dinner?

    Many people have heard the myth “you shouldn’t eat carbs after 7pm”. 

    This myth comes in different forms, you may have heard, no carbs/fats/sweets/food after 6/7/8 PM (also, does it matter if I’m on EST or not?).
    It doesn’t matter, because this one is inherently not true. If your trainer or nutritionist has told you this…..RUN.

    The Glycogen Priming Method™ calls for carbs at dinner to help refuel from the day, and also as a way of affecting our sleep (here’s another opportunity to call yourself a bio-hacker). In the same way that a Chipotle Burrito will make you sleepy at noon, a heavier meal with carbs coming from veggies, potatoes, rice, quinoa, beans or fruits will help you fall asleep faster and sleep harder. Even having pasta, bread, or tortillas occasionally is just fine.

    Dinner is a time to feast and break bread with friends and family. Nowhere in the Bible are we told to break tofu with anyone, just in case you were wondering.

    Action Step: Have your biggest meal of the day, include proteins, veggies, and carbs.

    Did these tips help you out in any way?

    Are you curious about the Glycogen Priming Method that I introduced in tip #4, and how it can help you in shedding stubborn body fat?
    If so, click the button below to take a quiz to find out the #1 issue impacting your ability to lose fat RIGHT NOW, and see if the GPM is right for you.


    Make sure you’re hitting all these points if you want vibrant energy, a healthy body, and energy all day long.

    1. Drink enough water to make sure you’re burning fat all night
    2. Take the right supplements for your goals
    3. Drink Coffee the right way
    4. Use the Glycogen Priming Method to supercharge your energy and burn your fat,
    5. Supercharge your afternoons with big ass salads
    6. Eat with intention
    7. Carbs at night.



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