Gain Energy and Avoid Midday Slump I The Glycogen Priming Method


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: You start your work day strong. You’re feeling productive and it seems like you’ve got plenty of energy. Then comes lunch, and almost as soon as you’re done eating, it starts feeling a lot like nap time.

You may have a ton more to do, a lot of hats to wear and boxes to check………… but your energy is completely zapped. What happened?

Midday slump. It’s a thing.

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After lunch, you just gut it out. You rely on afternoon coffee – or a quick nap on the couch when you get home – just to have enough energy for your family until you can finally crash into bed.

Across the board, when I’ve asked clients what they’d like to change…

most have said they want to have more ENERGY. In fact, “increased energy” beat out weight loss as a priority for most people.

So today, we are talking all about how YOU can increase energy and avoid midday slump using the Glycogen Priming Method.

And don’t worry – it’s really simple. (You know those nifty meal-prep boxes you bought for storing a week’s worth of tilapia and asparagus? You’re not going to need any of that shit.)


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I developed the Glycogen Priming Method in 2018, and honestly, I kept things pretty close to the vest for a while. But I realized I can’t help everyone in the world (I can’t even help everyone in our Facebook group)!

So, I want to put this information out there. But, why am I sharing this with the world? Because I really love this method and I want YOU to give it a try for a few days to see if it helps you avoid midday slump AND increases your energy level.

In today’s podcast, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Glycogen Priming Method (including WHY I call it the Glycogen Priming Method).


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You’ll learn:

  • What to eat for breakfast so you aren’t STARVED by lunchtime
  • What to eat for lunch so that you stay alert the ENTIRE afternoon
  • What to eat for dinner to promote better SLEEP

You can start using this simple method TODAY to avoid midday slump AND boost your energy, focus, and mental acuity so that you are more attuned to your work and the people around you.

Listen to the podcast here.


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