Can Weed and Nicotine Boost Your Performance?

can weed and nicotine boost your fitness performance?

OK, smoking cigarettes is BAD. Duh. But did you know that nicotine can be potent for helping you reach your fitness goals?

How about Marijuana? Does weed have a positive effect on fat loss?

Unfortunately, the answer is not cut and dry. There’s not a ton of research on this topic, and the study results are often contradictory. But, what we DO KNOW is how the substances interact with our bodies, so I’m here to apply that knowledge and show you how nicotine and weed can affect your energy and fitness levels.

Important! Try to put your preconceived notions about these substances on the back burner.  You might learn something you didn’t know!

Nicotine for an energy boost?

I generally tell people to steer clear of smoking cigarettes if they want to level up their fitness performance, but did you know that nicotine is a natural energy booster?

One thing I suggest is to try nicotine gum for a light energy boost before your workout. A 2mg piece of nicotine gum goes a long way. Bonus: Studies have also shown that low doses of nicotine can also have a positive effect on your memory, attention, and fine motor skills.

The downside is that nicotine is highly addictive via your blood vessels, making it a rougher choice if you’ve quit cigs in the past.

However,  sublingual (under the tongue – absorbed through the membranes in your mouth) seem to be MUCH less addictive.

Plus, a low dose like the one in nicotine gum is a viable option for more energy without the addictive 12mg punch of nicotine that cigarettes hit you in the face with.

In the podcast, I talk about how much nicotine is TOO MUCH and how you can use it as an effective tool in your fitness routine.

Weed and Fat Loss?

The biggest concern for most people regarding weed and their fitness goals is the dreaded munchies.

First and foremost, people make worse food choices as a direct result of drinking too much than smoking marijuana. So make sure you’re drinking is in check before you blame the blunt.

Secondly, one study correlated cannabis use to smaller waist circumference and lower fasting insulin levels.  Correlation or causation? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that our perception of weed smokers being nothing but overweight, apathetic video gamers often leads us to overlook the benefits of cannabis.

In the podcast, I talk about the different strains of cannabis and how they interact differently with your body, PLUS marijuana’s potential effect on your appetite and activity levels.

Just remember: Listen with an open mind. Everything has potential benefits. Do your research to find out what works best for you.


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