“I just don’t have energy for my family after working all day”

Parents and business owners come to me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated that their fitness levels and energy in the evenings doesn’t reflect who they are while they’re at work. If you’re like most of the folks who visit, you’re trying to balance your health and fitness with the struggles of running a business and making sure your family doesn’t get your “leftovers”.

Deep down, you know that having vibrant health would be the best thing for your business or family, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time, especially if you wear a lot of different hats at work. But what I hear from people all the time is that they sacrificed their health in the pursuit of financial success, and I’m hear to tell you that It Doesn’t Have to be ONE OR THE OTHER.

So join me in discovering how to you can create a body that’s ABLE to do the things you want, while gaining extreme focus and clarity to help your do more work in less time, while still having a ton of energy to enjoy your family in the evenings.

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Our Mission is to Help 100,000 Parents and Business Owners Get In the Best Shape of Their Lives while Improving Their Finances and Family Time.

The man with his health has 1000 dreams. The man without has only one.”

This is what I hear from high achieving entrepreneurs and business owners every day – that success for them comes from having the energy to be fully present for their kids in the evenings as well as having the focus to close a big deal or do meaningful work without distractions.

Having a great body is amazing when you’re at the beach or in the bedroom, but the real win is being ABLE to live the life you love, on your terms. Every day.

From working with hundreds of clients, we’ve developed a system that is proven to work even if you spend your days on the road driving around, don’t have time or energy to meal prep, or can’t see yourself going to the gym.

What would you do if you had the confidence that comes from having the body of your dreams?

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Here’s Our 3-step Approach For Proven Results:

Million Dollar Meals


Million Dollar Meals are the foundation for vibrant health and energy. We all want to crush the day, but when the first thing we put in our body is a donut or a banana, we’re setting ourselves up for low energy and a slow afternoon.
A Million Dollar Meal is one that helps us stay focused all day, keep our energy high, and keeps us burning body fat all day long. Now this is easier than every before with the radical Glycogen Priming Method ™. 
Diets don’t work long term. That’s why 95% of people who lose weight put it all back on. Let me show you a better way.

Intelligent Training

We all know that we need to move, but often we get caught up in the hype of running, cardio, or the thought that we need a 60 minute workout in order to be successful.
With strategic training methods designed to build lean muscle, kick-start your metabolism, and leave you more energized than when you started, there’s no reason not to train, especially since most workouts will take under 40 minutes.
With a perfectly balanced workout you can get results in half the time of traditional gym training using the magic of H.I.R.T. – High Intensity Resistance Training.
See more about how I train – HERE

Engaging Accountability

Achievers and entrepreneurs know that hiring a coach who’s been where you want to be is the way to fast-track your success. 
And while it’s awesome to have a workout partner or buddy, how much faster will you see results if you have dedicated accountability through a coach who can help you troubleshoot issues as they arise, as well as creating a framework that you can use for the rest of your life.
If vibrant health, a thriving business, a happy family, and a strong body are what you desire, don’t leave it to chance.

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