Bod in a Box

Bod in a Box is the comprehensive and minimalistic approach to at home or on the road training.

You can get a full body workout in 35 minutes o

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The Effects Of Sitting All Day and What You NEED to do About It

Our modern lifestyle has changed quite a bit from our Paleolithic ancestors. No longer do we start the day with a nice cup of hot tree-bark water and

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Best Home Workout Equipment | At Home Workout

The days of the 500lb treadmill in your living room are gone. And if you’re still using your Bowflex – well, hats off to you good sir. It might have b

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Why I Stopped Taking Pre-Workout and Started Chewing Nicotine Gum

When I first started training, I had a major hard-on for stimulants. I absolutely LOVE the way that most pre-workouts make me feel. Super energized, t

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Exercises to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone levels in men decrease by 4-8% every 5 years. This level is further eroded due to environmental factors including diet, exercise, and wha

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes | High Protein Meal in 60 Seconds

For many of us, it’s a challenge to find something easy to eat in the morning that doesn’t take a long time to prep. If you’re up and out the door ear

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3 Suspension Trainer Exercises to Shred Your Core

Suspension Trainer (ST) exercises are great for a variety of reasons, as discussed here, here, and here.

But one of the reasons that I love them,

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3 Bodyweight Exercises That Will Make You Look Better in a T-Shirt

Sometimes we don’t have 2 hours to get to the gym, warm up, work out, cool down, shower, and drive home. Sometimes a pesky thing called “real life” ge

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3 Ways to Make Your Subconscious Mind Work for You

Health and well-being comes in different forms. The physical side of it (basically 95% of everything I write about) is important, but not all encompas

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5 Ways to Get Results without Adding Weight

Rather than beating your head against the wall repeatedly trying to get a PR on your bench press, are there other ways to get stronger and fitter with

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Modern Day Plague Tonic or Just Massive Antioxidant Boost?

If you know me, than you know I’ve played around for several years with a concoction that I call “hot breakfast”.

While it’s not actually warm, and

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Which is More Important, Rest Time or Weight?

As a male, I already have predispositions towards lifting weights that are too heavy for my abilities. When you add on my tremendous ego and sprinkle

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Best Hamstring Exercises | Unconventional Ham Movements

The muscles in the hip and the thigh are some of the most powerful in the human body. While the glute muscles are the biggest, the hamstrings are equa

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Are You Comfortable?

With a new year comes reflections and resolutions. Mine have been especially strange recently coming off a year of travel, and trying to get back to r

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Can You Ruin Your Metabolism with Cheat Meals?

Eating fat is back in vogue, after a long smear campaign against carbohydrates and that son of a bitch, gluten. We like to point our fingers at one sp

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Rest Between Sets | Optimal Time Between Exercises

One of the biggest predictors of success, yet one of the most glossed over, tossed out, and generally unnoticed aspects of training is how much rest b

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N8 Training Systems

Hi. I’m Nate.

You’re probably here because you want to get better and continue to improve your abilities, your body and your mental game. You know

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