How Parenting is Like Fat Loss


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  1. Self Esteem Precedes ResultsYou don’t need abs to be confident.But you do need confidence to show up for yourself every day to get abs.

    Your subconscious is always watching what you do and say, so when I say “I’m gonna hit the gym tomorrow” but then I skip, my subconscious notices that I am lying to myself and files that away.

    The way to build the confidence you need? Start small. Pick goals that you literally can’t fail at.

    Instead of: Run a marathon, work out 6 days per week, start yoga, meditate an hour a day, try: get up when my alarm goes off, drink a glass of h20 in the morning.

    It doesn’t seem like much, but when you NEED to do something bigger, you’ve programmed your brain to find a way to accomplish your goals. 

  2. The Tip that Changed my PhysiqueAbout 18 months ago I had an opportunity to speak with a well known coach for a “hot seat” session about WHATEVER I wanted.I chose to ask him about shoulder training, and why I wasn’t seeing results.

    He simply asked me: “how long are you pausing at the top of the rep?”

    When I told him I wasn’t, he said “try a dead stop every rep for 2 seconds and let me know what happens in 6 months” I have since had the biggest gains of my life, and it’s changed a lot about how I train personally.

    That one little tip was a gamechanger!

    If something like that would help you get over an obstacle, book a quick hot seat call with me here, and we can talk about ONE specific issue and solution to hit your goals.

  3. Parenting is like Fat Loss…If you’re like me, you want to yell at your kids until they listen.And if you’re like me, this strategy rarely works.

    Instead, be like my wife. Instead of direct authoritarian parenting, she will redirect, and give the kids a reason to stop the tomfoolery they’re up to, and sit down with a different toy/show/book.

    She makes it easy for them to say yes.

    Similar, if you’re in insulin resistance – you can FORCE your body to lose weight by “white knuckling” through diet and exercise, but the results will be less than spectacular.

    Instead, give your body a reason to lose weight by becoming fat adapted, fasting, walking daily, and using the Million Dollar Body Method.

2 Resources

  1. Eat Meat, and Drink Salt – A countercultural take on health.This podcast with Robb Wolf is WILD. He’s one of the smartest dudes I’ve ever had a chance to talk with, and his countercultural take on meat, the environment, and society is way different than what the mainstream media would have us think.

    Best of all, everything he says is backed up by science.

    Check that out Here! You don’t want to miss it!

  2. How Do you Transition to Eating Carbs after Being Keto or Carnivore?
    This is something that I’ve been working on personally. Here is how I did it successfully, and how you can too.

1 Question:

What’s the FIRST thing you do in the morning?

I have been waking up to my “light alarm” (great for not waking up anyone else in the house), snoozing it, and going back to sleep.

The reason I think this question is important is because the first few actions of the day set the tone.

So what I was telling myself was “even though you said you’d be up at a specific time, that wasn’t true, and if you’d lie about that, you’d probably lie about taking your daughter to Disneyland”.

I mean… maybe.

Keeping your word to yourself is cheat code for hitting your goals in fitness or anywhere else. When your subconscious knows that you do what you say you will, it will help you find a way to get things done.

When it knows you don’t follow through? There’s no importance placed on your goals



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