Should You Eat Fruit Before Noon If You’re Trying to Drop Fat?


When is the best time to eat fruit? Should it be part of your morning ritual? How about lunchtime? Should you have it with dinner?

A lot of health and fitness people out there are preaching “fruit before noon”.

So what’s the deal?

Before we talk too much about when to eat fruit, we need to talk about insulin resistance.

What is Insulin Resistance?

If you are insulin resistant, your body has a hard time regulating insulin, which is the hormone your body produces when carbohydrates and sugars are introduced to the bloodstream. Hint: if you can grab your belly or your love handles, you are probably insulin resistant. To find out if for sure, go to

So what’s all that got to do with fruit? Well, imagine this guy – he’s been losing some weight, and he has about 40 pounds left to go. He decides to ditch his high-calorie breakfast sandwich in favor of a banana, which seems like a healthier choice, right? But the sugar in that banana causes his blood sugar to shoot up, making his insulin level shoot up, too.

The Blood Sugar Spike Cycle

Because our guy is insulin resistant, his body overreacts to the sugar, producing way more insulin than was needed. Even after the sugar from the banana is gone, the extra insulin is still sending hunger signals to his brain, which is why he’s going to be craving sugar at 10:00 am. And so he grabs another sugary snack, and the cycle repeats, over and over, all day long.

If you think you might be insulin resistant and you’re having trouble losing the last few pounds, take the quiz and then listen to today’s podcast. You’ll learn

  • What fruits to eat, and when
  • How to break the blood sugar spike cycle
  • What kind of breakfast is best (and lunch and dinner)

If you take my test and find out you are insulin resistant, the next step is to find out about the glycogen priming method which can also be found in my brand new book, The Million Dollar Body Method (shameless plug).


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