Stay In Your Lane! The Best Way To Work In Your Zone of Genius Is To Outsource

how to work in your zone of genius

If you’re a high achiever or an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to pushing your limits. You pretty much live in BEAST mode all the time.

The problem is: you’re doing too many things that are outside of your zone of genius. 

This scenario often leads to burn out and can actually slow down your business growth.

In order for your business to grow and protect your sanity, you need to spend more time working on the things you’re really good at and less time on the things that take up too much of your energy.

One major way I started working in my zone of genius more AND fast-tracked my business growth was to outsource my weekly content creation to a content specialist. The reason I decided to outsource? I realized I was spending more time on marketing and promotion than I was on my clients. On top of that, all of my content demands, like social media and blogging, kept taking me out of my zone of genius.

On this week’s podcast episode, meet Julie Davis, the Content Marketing Specialist on my team. She helps me keep my clients front and center by taking most of my content marketing off of my plate. She helps me get more done so that I can focus on what I’m good at.

**Julie is offering a $150 discount on a 3-month trial of her Premium Promote Your Podcast package to anyone who mentions N8 Training Systems!**

Let go so you can grow.

On this episode of the Million Dollar Body Podcast, Julie and I discuss when it’s time to LET GO so you can grow, and we also talk about effective ways to repurpose your content to supercharge your online presence with minimal effort!

One major #truthbomb that came out of our conversation:

“Most people are sitting on content gold mines and they don’t even know it.”

We also talked about:

  • The single most powerful thing an entrepreneur can do to take a piece of content and repurpose it.
  • The biggest social media trends for business in 2021
  • How to get good at the most important component of your content strategy: consistency!

Ready to fast-track your business growth in 2021? What can you outsource so you can be consistent in the things that really matter? Your zone of genius is waiting.

















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