Want To Grow Your Online Audience? Get on Podcasts!

how to be a great podcast guest and what you should know before you start your own podcast

One of the best ways to grow your online audience is getting in front of other people’s audiences. And one of the best ways to do that is to get on other people’s podcasts.

But how?

It can feel like a huge time-suck to find podcasts to be on and if you want to start your own podcast, that’s a steep learning curve, too. Ultimately, podcast hosts and podcast guests start having the same problem—they need more interviews.

That’s why I was really glad to host Andrew Alleman of Podcastguests.com on the Million Dollar Body podcast this week. He created a free match-making directory for podcast guests and podcast hosts to find each other.

Andrew’s also been a podcast host for several years, so I had more than a few questions for him.

We discussed things like imposter syndrome and how it can prevent you from going on podcasts. His solution? Create a one-sheet that lists your accomplishments, your experience, and your expertise. This exercise serves two purposes—it helps you get over imposter syndrome and you can use it to pitch yourself to podcast hosts.

“In the stack of things you do for publicity, podcasts are pretty low-risk. Podcasts are usually recorded and they’re edited.”

(Well, except for mine. It’s LIVE!)

Andrew and I also discuss when it’s the right time to start your own podcast. His answer might surprise you.

This episode is so jam-packed with how to get started as a guest or a host. If you’re ready to grow your audience through podcasting, this episode is where you should start to learn more.

You’ll learn:

  • How to prepare yourself before a podcast interview
  • Best practices to pitch yourself to podcasts
  • Tips for finding podcasts that have your ideal audience as listeners

If you’re ready to grow your audience through podcasting, this week’s podcast is for you!








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