It’s Not Just For the Ultra-wealthy. Anyone Can Become a Lifestyle Investor: Interview with Justin Donald

anyone can become a lifestyle investor

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you want to make your dollar work harder AND smarter. Sure, it’s nice to get money for the time you put in. BUT, what if you could create cashflow that isn’t correlated to how much you work?

That’s exactly what I’m talking about with Justin Donald, author of The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cash Flow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom, on today’s podcast.

Justin is passionate about passive income as a path to financial freedom specifically because:

A. It frees you from the “golden handcuffs” of working too much for your income.

B. It’s not correlated to the ups and downs of the stock market.

What could you do if you became a lifestyle investor?

What could you do if your passive income met or exceeded your earned income? Justin is all about creating a life you can live on your own terms.

Could you:

Spend more time with your family?

Retire early?

Travel more?

Create generational wealth?

The opportunities are limitless.

And, in his book, Justin teaches you how to do it. His mission is to educate people about the myriad of alternative investments you can find and the criteria you need to use to evaluate those investments. He is the king of finding unicorn deals that create win-wins for both sides of the investment.

(Justin is donating the proceeds of his book to help end human trafficking. Grab a copy here:​)

You don’t have to be wealthy to become a lifestyle investor.

Whether you are already wealthy or not, you can leverage the dollars you currently have for passive income investments that pay off big. And you don’t have to lay down 50K, either. In the podcast, we talk about ways you can start generating passive income, even if you’re a beginner.

Key Takeaways

  • What are invisible deals? And where can you find them?
  • Why you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not investing
  • Why you don’t have to be at a certain level of financial success to become a lifestyle investor
  • Trending investment opportunities like fitness, Bitcoin, and cannabis

Ready to live life on your own terms? Become a lifestyle investor and start building a passive income portfolio. Listen to the podcast here. 



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