The Playbook on Becoming Financially Fit with Codie Sanchez

the playbook to building wealth according to Codie Sanchez
I’m not a subscriber. In fact, I take pride in calling myself an unsubscriber. I literally subscribe to two email newsletters, and one of those is:
  • Contrarian Thinking by Codie Sanchez

(By the way, this doesn’t give you permission to unsubscribe from my emails. In fact, here’s the SUBSCRIBE link if you’re not on my list.

Codie is Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, Founder of Contrarian Thinking, and co-Founder of Unconventional Acquisitions. I get insane value from her weekly emails (to 100k subscribers) on investing and cashflow every week. So, imagine how pumped I was when she agreed to come on the Million Dollar Body podcast.

Her ideas on investing are outside-of-the-box, yet simple enough to be accessible to anyone who just wants to get started. Her kicka*s view of wealth-building is similar to my view on fitness. If you are financially fit, you take a lot of mental burdens off your plate which frees you to be so much more effective and productive in your daily life.

Sound familiar?

I hit this hard all the time about physical fitness. It’s the foundation of the Million Dollar Body method.  If you have health, you take so many burdens off your plate automatically. You are freed up to be productive on a daily basis and ultimately, to live life on your own terms.

What We Talked About

Codie mentioned a ton of resources to help beginners get started with and understand alternative investments.




These are all apps to help you invest across a wide spectrum of alternative investments. Her two cents? Invest in lots of different asset classes. That way when one is down, inevitably, another is up which leads to portfolio balance, my friends.

“Everything is a playbook. It’s not a secret. It’s not magic. If you follow the steps, you will achieve wealth.”

To get the playbook, subscribe to her (insanely valuable) free newsletter:

We also talked about building a massive subscriber base for your business.

Her take? Copywriting is everything. Want a quick actionable tip to become a better copywriter? Read good copy (often).

Resources that are killing it with good copy:

Key Takeaways

Anyway, I can’t recommend this episode of the MDB podcast enough. You’ll get Codie’s take on:

  • Alternative investments like commodities and cryptocurrencies
  • What every investor needs to know about building wealth (aka the things she wished she would have done earlier)
  • Creating on the Internet, building an audience, and then monetizing like crazy

If you’re ready to majorly change your thinking on wealth and health, go listen to this episode right now!


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