All About Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

all about pre and post workout nutrition

You know when you’re out driving on an open highway, the sun is setting, the wind is blowing through your hair (I’ve got a lot of it.)—you’re feeling good. 

And then you see it in your rearview mirror.

A tricked out car with spinners on the rims, neon lights flashing underneath, and a 3-foot spoiler on the back. 

Now that your peaceful vibe has been interrupted by the sound of bass for days, you look a little closer and…it’s a tricked out ‘97 Nissan Sentra.

Then you just laugh (cuz what else would you do in that scenario?). 

So, where am I going with this?

When are you ready for pre-work out supplements?

Getting worked up about what kind of pre-workout and post-workout supplements you need before you’re ready for them is a little like tricking out a ‘97 Nissan Sentra. 

Let me explain.

Your body goes through 3 phases of building muscle In the Million Dollar Body method.

Phase 1 – This stage is basically the reset button. It’s when you initially decide to drop fat and build muscle. It’s the most rigid phase nutrition-wise, but it’s also about building a consistent strength training routine.

Phase 2 – This stage is all about pulling off the training wheels of Phase 1 (e.g. strict meal planning) and still maintaining fat loss. In order to move to recomping your body in Phase 3, you need to focus on your waist-to-height ratio during Phase 2.

(Measure your waist at its narrowest point and divide that number by your height.)

Your weight-to-height ratio needs to be 0.46 or less to move onto Phase 3. 

Phase 3 –  Okay, now it’s time to be concerned about pre-workout and post-workout supplements, but not until now. Why? Your body needs to be primed to build muscle appropriately in order to get the nutrients to work as hard as possible for the most optimal muscle-building results. 

Note: In Phase 3, you’re not a Nissan Sentra anymore, you’re more like a BMW M3. So it makes sense to start tricking out your body with supplements. 

On this week’s Million Dollar Body podcast, I’m diving into ALL the goods about pre-workout and post-workout supplements plus what you should eat before and after you work out. 


  • The best supplements to take before your workouts to improve your endurance, gain more muscle, and increase your muscle power, i.e. do more reps
  • How to ensure your muscles go into full recovery mode after a workout
  • What I eat pre and post-workout to maximize muscle building

If you’re ready for all the ins and outs of supplements and when it’s time to use them to get the best results, this podcast is for you!


  1. Nate Palmer is a terrific person. He is someone with great skill and knowledge for his work and has passion for assisting others with their fitness and nutrition goals. I recently had Nate as a guest on my podcast “Lets Have This Conversation” and he was phenomenal. He was highly engaged, thoughtful and brought great spirit to our discussion. If you’re a busy professional, business or thought leader you should connect with Nate he’ll inspire you to reach for the highest heights of your own potential.


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