The Mental Shift Busy Dads Need to Make to Lose 40+ Pounds

the mental shift busy dads need to lose weight and keep it off

With the busy schedule of being a dad, it’s hard to find time for fitness. I get it. That’s why I created the Million Dollar Body method—to give busy dads and entrepreneurs a sustainable framework to get and stay lean for life.

Recently, I sat down with one of my clients, Joe Oubre—a busy dad who’s lost 40+ pounds using the Million Dollar Body method—and talked to him about what he’s gained (and lost!) from working with me and how he continues to stay on track even after some pretty significant setbacks. 

Joe is a total bad a$$. He’s deep into the world of jiu jitsu and even trained for the world competition. He wasn’t able to compete in the world competition because of unforeseen circumstances, but what I admire about him is that he didn’t let that setback cause him to quit. He’s still going hard in jiu jitsu and continues to commit himself to the Million Dollar Body method.

The Mental Shift Busy Dads Need to Make to Lose 40+ Pounds and Keep it Off

Joe’s three strategies for success?

  • Mindset
  • Accountability
  • Who You Surround Yourself With

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, Joe and I talk about how dads can lose 40+ pounds by following the 3 simple strategies above.

You’ll learn:

  • How Joe makes micro commitments each week that lead to micro wins. Micro wins stacked on top of each other lead to big results. 
  • Which success mindset tricks are leading to sustained weight loss and muscle growth for Joe
  • Why Joe invested in a coach to reach his fitness goals and who he surrounds himself with to help him stay on track and call him on his bull$hit. 

If you’re ready to hear from a bada$$ dad who really goes after what he wants, even with a busy schedule, and still finds time to prioritize his fitness, listen to Joe on this week’s podcast.


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