Product Review: TRX – TRX Suspension Trainer


My love affair with bodyweight exercises is well documented throughout the interwebs. We just cant keep our sweaty teenage hands off each-other.

Over the last year I had the opportunity to try out several different types of bodyweight training styles. Bar calisthenics, ring work, pure bodyweight, and the TRX Suspension Trainer.

While each has their benefits, I found that having the TRX Suspension Trainer with me greatly increased my chances of working out, which I consider an essential intangible benefit. By having a gym in my backpack at all times I trained about 225 times last year. Considering spastic scheduling, travel plans, and equipment availability, I’m proud of this number.

TRX Suspension Trainer


What Rules

  • Portability – The TRX Suspension Trainer weighs in at 1.4lbs, so it was perfect for traveling when I had to carry everything I owned on my back for a year. It comes in a mesh bag that makes it easy to carry around so you don’t have your hands full with straps and bands, and until you bust it out and start doing ninja moves, no one knows it’s exercise equipment.
  • Use Anywhere – I used this thing in the weirdest spots. Notably weird were: A laundry room in Santa Marta, Colombia, and an old busted playground where a few guys were obviously selling drugs in Bogota, Colombia.“Permiso caballeros, voy a entrenar brasos miyos ahora, y si quieren entrenar los abdominales conmigo, pueden!”
    • But also the most beautiful spots.

TRX Suspension Trainer

  • Versatility – A little imagination allows you to hit every muscle group at every angle with the TRX. I didn’t think it was possible to do a quad isolation exercise, but leg extensions are great exercise. (Sidenote: Fear the Single Leg Leg-Extension.)
  • Foot Loops – These loops make it possible to thousands of different variations of exercises, including most leg variations. I’ve used some suspension trainers that didn’t have them, and it was a real let down.
  • High Quality – This thing is a tank. Made from heavy duty nylon webbing, your TRX is going to last. I’ve put it through some real rough conditions, working out in the rain, looping it around trees, bars with sharp edges, and yea…I’ve been emotionally abusive to it. TRX Suspension Trainer stands up to all the challenges.
    • I’ve also taught TRX classes for the last 4 years, and we’ve used the same suspension trainers the whole time. The nylon stands up to almost unlimited abuse.
  • Core – Every exercise is a core exercise to some extent. This is great training for keeping a solid core through various ranges of motions and in various positions. This means you’ll be less likely to hurt your back and more likely to have nice abs.

What Sucks

  • Core – Every exercise is a core exercise, so when you’re just starting out it can be hard to maintain quality control for that long. Also, sometimes I don’t want to do core TRX. Can I just hit a set of biceps curls without you getting all moody on me?
  • Shoulders – Another muscle group that can get burned out, especially if you’re doing a lot of back to back exercises with feet in the straps and hands on the ground. If you’re trying to finish out a set of legs or abs, but your shoulders are burning, it can be hard to focus. On the other hand, nice shoulders.
  • Price – retailing at 149.00, that’s expensive for fancy-ass towing straps, even if they are heavy duty. (Note: I just found out that have a lighter/cheaper version called the Go TRX Suspension Trainer. 1lb and 99.00) I don’t anticipate ever having to replace my TRX though, so the “buy once, cry once” principle may apply here.
  • Advanced Exercises – If you lack the requisite core strength or are carrying a few too many pounds around with you, many exercises might be too difficult at first. This can be especially true on exercises that involve feet in the straps and hands on the ground.



I love this thing. Although I’m looking forward to training in a gym after a year long hiatus, I think I’ll include it in my personal training plan forever.

In addition to signaling your body that it needs to drop fat, advanced exercises on the TRX Suspension trainer make my core feel (and look) bulletproof, and my low back always feels good after a workout.

I also appreciate that it makes it easier to hit my goal of working out 6x per week, because I never have an excuse to not train. A 30 minute TRX workout allows me to work core stability, strength, and HIIT, all at the same time.

If you want to grab one of these TRX Suspension Trainers off Amazon, click here.


10.4.16 Update.

I’ve had a few people recommend the Venum Suspension Trainer to me, and at 59.99, it seems like a great deal.

Get yours on Amazon HERE


Full disclosure, I am a TRX affiliate, and if you buy a TRX through this link, I will get a small percentage of the sale. I’ve been approached to endorse many products throughout the years, and I’ve always said NO, because I value my integrity beyond making a few dollars. So please know that I’m doing this because it’s a product I use myself, and believe in wholeheartedly.ts.







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