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Healthy Fast Food. Does it Exist?

When I talk to my clients and friends, who are real people, they often ask me if there is such as a thing as healthy fast food, since the overwhelming attitude in the fitness industry is that if you’re not prepping your food ahead of time, you’ll never lose weight and be successful.

Get Ripped Eating Fast Food – Click Here for Healthy Fast Food Options.

Every time I go on Instagram and see FitPros posting shots of 90 gazillion little Tupperware boxes with perfectly portioned chicken, rice and broccoli, I throw up a little in my mouth.

Number One, that’s gross.

Number Two, unless you’re already in the 1% of people who are meal prepping on Sundays for the rest of the week, this just serves to isolate the people you’re trying to help.

I eat healthy 85% of the time, but for some reason your pretty little nutrition boxes give the guilt sweats like a pregnant nun – who just got caught smashing a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.

Now I’m not trying to give you a license to eat fast food every meal, or every day. Don’t mistake my generosity for weakness.


I realize that as real people with jobs, travel schedule, and bosses who don’t consider our training schedule holy writ, we can often get jammed up in days that just get away from us, and suddenly you’re sitting in the McDonalds drive through and you hear a voice that couldn’t be yours ordering “50 chicken nuggets, a McTasty Shake-Burger, and Large Fries.”

What? Why yes, I would like to supersize” you hear this mysterious voice say, and suddenly a kind stranger in a funny hat is handing you delicious bit sized foods that you can eat while driving home/to a client meeting/back to clown school. No judgement.

Or maybe:

You roll out of bed on what was supposed to be a luxurious day off, only to find out that someone called in sick and you just picked up their shift, which starts in 37 minutes! Clothes go on, things get thrown into bags, and you’re out the door, a cold Eggo waffle in your grasp.

We all want to be healthy and make good choices, but it’s hard when life has other designs on your time. And going without food for the majority of the day inevitably leads to a massive binge when you finally encounter food, like a bear coming out of hibernation, who happens to be VERY hungry for tacos.

At some point, we give in and park ourselves in the drive through. “Diet starts tomorrow,” we think, as we shame-eat a cheesy beef burrito in 2 bites.

So what are you gonna do when your plans change and you find yourself stuck in the food court at the airport for another 3 hours, or have to pick up a quick bite on the way to work because it’s hard to fake a convincing smile when you’re dead hungry


My Problem

I spent the last year of my life on the road, and I struggled with this a lot. At first, I relied on my willpower to go without food until I could find something that was a healthier option.

This worked alright on days where I was just traveling, and could spend most of my time in a Dramamine fueled haze, somewhere between awake and asleep, not worrying about eating.

But if you have work to do, clients to see, or need brain function, this strategy falls apart quickly.

So I had to find options that I could grab on the go without making me feel like crap, or negatively impact my waist line.

So based on my experience, I came up with the N8 Training Systems Ultimate Guide to Getting Ripped Eating Fast Food. (or N8TSUGGREFF if you want a short, friendly acronym).

Making it Easy to Make Good Choices.
Making it Easy to Make Good Choices.

My goal in putting this together was to give real people legitimate options of healthy fast food to eat if you’re on the go, stuck in an airport terminal, or only have time to eat in your car.

This report is not for FitPros, because when I told some of them about my idea to write this report, they openly scoffed at me. Which wouldn’t have been so bad except for the tilapia and asparagus breath that came with the scoffing.

I also wanted to make this report free to you, because I love you, and I wish I had something like this over the last year while traveling.

I included meals from the 15 most popular fast food chains across the globe. Some of them are just single menu items, but some of them are my favorite “meals” – combinations of healthy fast food that pack a protein punch, with a lot of veggies, while limiting the amount of sugars and oils normally present in fast food meals.

Click here to get your FREE report – GET RIPPED EATING FAST FOOD

I’ll send it to your email, and it comes as a .pdf, so you can open it on your phone on the go, and the restaurants are alphabetized so you can easily find the one you’re looking for.

For people who are serial fast food eaters, but still want a lean physique, plenty of energy- business travelers, pilots, flight attendants, outside salespeople – I included a supplement guide that helps balance out the fast food, which is lower in nutrients than the food you would make for yourself at home.

I think of it as nutritional insurance.

And obviously since I want you to be above average, I didn’t just stop there. I included a few workouts that you can do quickly in any gym to actually GET RIPPED.

We’re talking fast paced, fat burning, get shredded workouts for the full body.

And best of all, it’s FREE.

healthy fast food
Get Ripped Eating Fast Food

What you’ll get:

  • The BEST 30 meals you can order at fast food chains
  • The problem with eating Fast Food (and how to fix it)
  • The best way to eat to stay satiated all day
  • The one thing you should NEVER leave home without.
  • The WORST things you can order at fast food chains.
  • The best type of workout to pair with your nutrition for best results.

Some restaurants are going to be easier to find healthy fast food options at than others. Restaurants like Chipotle offer almost unlimited customization, whereas it can be difficult to find a great option at Dairy Queen. So make sure that you’re making a good choice first and foremost on restaurant selection.

If I missed something, or you have a question, drop me a line over at my Facebook Page!

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