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I’ve been sending out 3-2-1 (3 thoughts, 2 resources, 1 question you should ask yourself) emails over the past few months on Wednesdays, but I’m trying something a little different.

The email will be a quick overview, and then you can click to get the longer breakdowns.

We’ll see how it goes.

We’ve been good over here but for the last 6 weeks or so it feels like the family has been trading coughs.

Someone will pick one up and bring it home where we pass it around for a month. Then we’re ALL healthy for a week before the cycle repeats again.

Otherwise, can’t complain.

You might have seen on social media that I was asked to take over a new podcast called The Low Carb Hustle. It’s a larger platform, and I’m super excited for what that could mean. Give me a follow on IG @lowcarbhustle and then subscribe to the show if you get a chance!

I’m working on building it back up after a few month hiatus, so if there are any topics you want to see or guests you can think of that would be great, let me know and we’ll make it happen.

I’m also working on doing a 1x per month game show. Stay tuned!

I felt like the MDB podcast was good, just a bit info heavy. I want to have more fun and bring more laughs to the LCH show.

Ok, here are some thoughts you can talk about with your friends this week.


  1. You can’t out train a bad diet. But you can’t out-diet poor recovery and awful sleep.
    This has been showing up more and more in clients we’ve been working with. Everything seems to be in line, yet the weight isn’t dropping, frustration is rising, and we think we need to “train more and train harder”.The real shocker is that when it comes to fat loss, training isn’t everything. It’s not insignificant, but unless you have the other foundational pieces, adding in a Crossfit class, a personal trainer, or HIIT workouts isn’t going to be the missing piece for most of us.
  2. Fat Loss Hierarchy: Nutrition -> Recovery -> NEAT -> Training -> Supplements.

    Most of us think it’s: Training -> Nutrition -> Supplements.***NEAT = Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Sounds fancy. Is actually boring.
    This refers to the steps you get, yardwork you do, and is a much larger calorie burn than resistance training.

    ****Training I lumped into one category. You could break it out into resistance training and cardio, but that wouldn’t change the order up.

    Bottom line: If you’re not sleeping, or moving outside of the gym, you’re probably not losing.

  3. Studies show that to be a good parent you need to get it right 1/3 of the time. You can get it wrong 1/3 of the time, and 1/3 of the time should be spent on repairing relationships.This actually helped me out a lot because as a dad I tend to focus on all the times I screw up or say something dumb, overreact, etc.

    But this statistic gives me permission to screw up as long as I own it and repair it.

    Fat loss is the same.

    You don’t need to be perfect, but you do need to fix the damage when you do go off plan, and (here’s the big part) FIGURE OUT HOW TO KEEP FROM DOING THAT AGAIN.


  1. I dropped a killer nutrition audit style episode with my friend Neena Perez. She’s the type of person who goes HARD. Really hard. Right up until she doesn’t.
    Many of us know what its like to pursue perfection and then get disappointed when we fail. If you’ve ever experienced that, this 22 min episode is for you.
    Check it out here
  2. I’ve been using some new BFR (blood flow restriction) Training in my workouts and I’m so pumped with the results and how fast you can get an intense workout.
    My next goal is to have someone who doesn’t work out try using the bands and seeing what light workouts and walks will do for them, their bone density, muscle mass, etc.
    Check out this article on BFR Training for Faster, Healthier Muscle Gain


What’s the next step for you?

What’s the one thing that if you were to do it in your business, family, or fitness – it would take you to the next level?

So many of us don’t have any idea about this.

6 months ago I was feeling pretty lost in my biz. I was doing a million different things but none of them felt like the RIGHT thing.

So I hired a coach to help out with that. He provided a sounding board, a game plan, and the accountability to get stuff done.

Since then, the clarity that I’ve felt has been SO valuable to me. Both in terms of what I can accomplish but also not feeling like I’m throwing shit at a wall like a feral orangutan. (this is a frequent emotion for me)

Do you know your next step? Do you know the small domino that you can push over right now that will get you closer to the goals you’ve set?

Whether it’s sending an email, prepping your food, working with a coach, or writing a letter to your partner – if you don’t know the steps you’ll never walk the path.

Email me back and let me know, OR drop a comment here. What’s the one thing you’re committing to get done this month?


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