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I went to the CoachingCon 22 conference this weekend. It was fantastic to see speakers like Ed Myett (I cried) Rob Bailey, Jay Ferruggia, Billy Gene, and Jason Phillips rock the stage.

I had no expectations and honestly only went because my friend Ben Brown told me that I needed to be there.

But 27 hours and 60 pages of notes later, I’m very glad I went.

3 Thoughts.

  1. Last week when trying this for the first time I only had 10 people read the article in a week.
    Should I stop though?
    Not sure yet. It’s certainly not motivating me to put out more content (or at least in this way)
    But there are also a lot of other factors at play.
    Was my content engaging and worth clicking on?
    Did anyone know they should have clicked?
    Did my graphic suck?
    Was it boring?
    I’m not sure of the answers to these, but one of my core values is Extreme Ownership which means that it’s 100% my fault that no one read this. I’ll try some new things and do better.
  2. I took over a podcast and IG account called @lowcarbhustle (podcast is here! if you subscribe I’ll love you forever)
    I’ve been getting a lot of people saying
    “but you’re not low carb”.
    “don’t you hate keto?!”
    “I’ve been getting a lot of protein from peanut butter”
    The answers to these questions are
    “sometimes I am”
    “sometimes I do”
    “no you haven’t”
    The Million Dollar Body Method is actually a low carb protocol. (Low carb being anything under 100g of carbs per day)
    I just don’t talk about it in that way because I want to focus on how much MORE energy you get from using this protocol, vs how restricted you are.
    I’m looking forward to having this platform to bring a breath of fresh air to the low carb space, let people know they don’t have to eliminate all plants, animals, or bread from their diet if they want to be healthy…and oh yea. have a freaking great time.
    Seriously. You should check out some of the reels I’ve been putting out recently.
    The “Low Carb Game Show” Is my new favorite thing.
  3. No One More Successful than You is Talking Shit
    No one who is in better shape, makes more money, or is doing better than you is thinking about you or saying mean things about you on the internet.
    You don’t have to worry about “haters” because anyone doing better than you doesn’t care about if you did an exercise that looked silly, posted something dumb, or went live on FB even though you don’t like public speaking.
    So do the thing.
    I put out a metric dick ton of content. most of it is fine.
    Sometimes I write something great.
    Sometimes I write something really shitty.
    But if it sucks, no one is going to sit there and judge it…they’re just on to the next thing!
    So do the thing you want  to do.

2 Resources

  1. Did you know there are three distinct phases of fat loss? I go through them in this episode. 
    Make sure you know which phase you’re in, so you know what to expect.
  2. Most people train abs all wrong. Here are two techniques, and 3 exercises to ensure stop spinning your wheels and get it right.

1 Question

What are your core values?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this personally.

Rob Bailey and Ryan Stewman both spoke at an event I was at this weekend. They both taking about personal and professional core values.

I’m still working on mine, but here’s what I have so far.

These are the value that I will use to guide my actions in business, team building, with clients, and personally.

(not sure yet if I want these to extend to the family as well or not…)

  1. Be Inevitable – Do What You Say You’re Going to Do, When You Say You’re Going to Do It.
  2. Be Unrelenting– Do the Shit You Don’t Want to Do.
  3. Be Delightful – Create Fun Everywhere You Go.
  4. Be Cultivating– Leave Everything Better Than You Found It.
  5. Excuses are Unacceptable – Own 100% of Your Actions.


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