Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training For Faster, Healthier Muscle Gain


Blood flow restriction training is a great way to improve muscle tone and strength.

BFR training has been used by professional athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders, power lifters and even Hollywood actors who are looking for that ripped look. BFR training uses pressure cuffs or wraps on the muscles in order to restrict blood flow without cutting off circulation.

BFR training has only recently become popular with the general public because of its amazing results!

In this interview with Dr. Mike DeBord of B3 Sciences, we go in depth on:

  • How to use BFR Training
  • Who should use Blood Flow Restriction
  • How to get the best use out of your bands
  • What types of bands are best for your results
  • Different types of exercise for different goals
  • How BFR can help with bone density, endurance, insulin resistance, improved healing, and building muscle.

BFR training is the perfect way to get that lean, toned look without having to spend hours in the gym. BFR has been proven to increase muscle strength and tone by as much as 20% with only 20 minutes of BFR training.

Athletes are also able to improve their speed and agility when BFR training because it increases blood flow to the area, as well as causing a “hormonal cascade” of HGH, and IGF1 that can result in improved healing and recovery as well as more muscle and strength.

BFR training is a great way to recover from an injury because BFR training can be used on the extremities, but just because you can’t “occlude” your back or shoulders doesn’t mean you wont get any benefits – the increased amount of HGH and IGF1 will result in noticeable changes throughout the body.

BFR has also been proven to increase bone density by up to 15% in just 12 weeks! BFR is so much safer than using heavy weights or other types of resistance exercise for elderly populations, people dealing with Arthritis, or anyone who is looking to get in shape, but has never worked out before.

BFR training was originally invented as a way to recover from injury.

I had written an article for AskMen about Blood Flow Restriction Training in 2015.

I talked about how it originated from the “katsu” method as a way of rehabbing ACL injuries.

I *thought* that it was done by banding the affected leg and doing light exercise. NOT SO.

In this interview we go a bit deeper into how this therapy was actually used by banding the arms and working leg and using them to create a flood of human growth hormone and IGF1 to aid in the recovery of the affected body part. (mind blown emoji)

Click here to find out more about B3 bands and Listen to the episode to hear more about this incredible new technology.



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