The Best Way To Eat Before A Big Presentation

the best way to eat before a big presentation

Everyone wants to know about pre-workout nutrition. I get the following question all the time: what should I eat before I work out to get the best results?

But have you thought about what you should eat before a big presentation or before a 3-hour afternoon writing session? This question is important because what you put in your body will affect your work performance, negatively or positively. 

Reframe how you think about what you eat

Often when we think about eating, the first question we ask ourselves is: What do I want?

That is the wrong question. You probably WANT a Cinnabon but your future self is going to pay for that decision (unless you’re ready for a nap).

The better question is: how do I want to feel after I eat this? Especially when you have a big presentation coming up OR you need to get down to some serious focused work.

So, what should you eat before a big presentation? 

In this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I am breaking down exactly what you need to eat to fuel your body for different work performance scenarios. That’s because what you need for all-day energy when you’re speaking at a conference, for example, is different from what you need if you’re sitting down at your desk for a lengthy session of deep, focused work.

Key Takeaways

  • The exact things you should be doing in the AM to prep for peak performance during your work day
  • How to eat for different work scenarios including how to keep your energy level high in the afternoon including what supplements to take
  • When to eat sugar and how fast you should throw away your Red Bulls if you want real energy
  • The role that water plays in keeping you in the zone

If you’re ready to use food as fuel for focus, flow, and crazy amounts of energy, this podcast is for you!


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