My Top 10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat for Good

my top ten tips to lost belly fat for good

There’s a reason belly fat is more stubborn than a toddler at nap time and it’s actually a scientific one. 

It’s really hard to lose belly fat because there is less blood flow to that area of your body. The less blood flow there is, the less your body has the ability to mobilize stored fat in that area. So, it’s not just you, it’s science. (Feel better?)

Since losing belly fat is so challenging, it’s probably the reason why we’re so obsessed with stupid products in western society that don’t work—like waist trainers and body wraps. We’re determined to defeat love handles at all costs. (And if I see you in a waist trainer, it’ll cost you your pride.)

After several years in the fitness industry and working with tons of clients, I can confidently say that I’ve cracked the code on fat loss. I wrote a book about it (have you heard? The Million Dollar Body Method: The Entrepreneur’s Diet for Superhuman Focus and Rapid Weight Loss) so I better be damn confident.

Here’s the good news: the tips are really simple. My reasoning? I want you to stop debating with yourself over every gram of carbs you put in your mouth. That sh*t is exhausting. 

Some of the tips are also boring AF. But if you can’t get the boring ones down, the advanced tips aren’t going to do much for you. So, just make peace with the fact that not every tip is going to be the sexy, life-changing truth bomb you think it needs to be. 

Drop belly fat fast: the boring tips

  1. Water. You gotta have it. If you’re not hydrated, you’re gonna be weaker and have less ability to burn fat. Seriously. It matters that much.
  2. Sleep more. You burn fat the most while you’re sleeping. So, if you’re not getting 7 hours of sleep a night, something needs to change.

Drop belly fat fast: the sexy tips

First, if your sleeping and water intake aren’t intact, don’t buy supplements or move to the advanced tips until you get this right. That would be like taking your car to the shop and the mechanic tells you your transmission is out, but you’re more worried about the broken power switch that rolls down your windows. 

I’m not going to give you all the advanced tips here, you gotta listen to the podcast. 

But here’s a sneak peek into the next 8 tips that you’ll get from, yes, listening to the podcast:

  • When and how to eat carbs for effective fat loss (yes, you get to eat carbs!)
  • Press fast forward on your fat loss progress by doing a sugar detox
  • How to fast to get the best results and no, it’s not by intermittent fasting

If you’re ready to lose the love handles and get lean with my top 10 tips to lose belly fat fast, this podcast is for you!


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