Morning BodyWeight Routine for Energy, Muscle and Fat Loss

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Body weight strength for life long weight loss.

We’ve all heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”. True enough. But it doesn’t do service to the fact that exercise is a substantial part of lifetime health. If we started treating our exercise the way we treat medication, we’d need less of the latter. Try this morning bodyweight routine for a few weeks, and see what your doctor says about your morning medication routine.

Exercise is medicine. By adding in just 30 minutes of exercise per day, the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and atherosclerosis decreases significantly.

Plus daily exercise creates a release of endorphins – the feel good chemical of the brain.

Going to the gym 3x per week is great, but it’s detrimental to stay sedentary the rest of the time. Increase training frequency by adding in low intensity steady state cardio like walking the dog or taking a swim. These both get the muscles working, increase cardiovascular health, and add to bone density.

If you’re already active every day and would like to increase the frequency of exercise, but don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym every day, add in a 20 minute body-weight routine at home in the mornings.

This will provide you with more energy than pounding 4 cups of coffee, you’ll feel better and more focused for the rest of the day.

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Set a timer, and do this circuit of bodyweight exercises for as many rounds as you can in the time. Start with 10 minutes, but feel free to work up to 20 minutes, or change the exercises to make them more difficult.

Morning BodyWeight Routine

A1. T-Pushups x 5 each side
A2. Single Leg Toe Touch x 5 each side
A3. Thai Crunch x 5 each side
A4. Bear Crawl x 20 feet
A5. Lunge Jumps x 5 each side
A6. Spiderman Pushups x 5 each side
A7.V-Ups x 10
A8. Chataranga x 5

Click the exercise to see a video.

thai crunch
Body weight strength for life long weight loss.

Just by adding in a few additional “Movement Snacks” like this morning bodyweight routine throughout the day, you can burn more calories, get your heart pumping, and keep your core and glutes firing to prevent injury.

It only takes a few minutes of exercise done daily to feel good, and start a healthy trend in your own life. When you master the habit of 10 minutes of exercise every day, you can start building on this good habit.

If you want to have 12 weeks of workouts, including 3 weekly using only calisthenics and a suspension trainer, make sure to grab my Lean for Life Blueprint.


You’ll get more information like this that will help set you free from one size fits all nutrition, and dogmatic training plans. Learn how to make training and nutrition work for you instead of being a slave to it.





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