Happy is a State of Mind


…But awesome is a state of being.
Are you awesome? Take this quiz and find out!

1) Does everyone think you’re awesome?
a) Totally bro! I’m the dankest amount of chill possible
b) I wore a funny hat to a party once.
c) No, I haven’t been awesome since the 80’s.

2) What’s the most awesome thing you’ve ever done?
a) I went bungee jumping off a mountain to save a bus full of cheerleaders from a MSG laden avalanche.
b) Nachos!
c) 28-2 on COD black ops.

3) What’s the word/phrase you like using the most on a regular basis?
a) “Sneak Attack!”
b) “Where did you leave my chinchilla food?”
c) “Butter”

Score your quiz. If you put any combination of a’s b’s or c’s, congratulations, you’re probably not awesome and you’re most likely lying to me.
Do something today that is worth talking about. Quit relying on the story you like so much about how you would have thrown the game winning touchdown if only that receiver would have been open, and it would have changed your life because you would have won state and gone straight to the NFL. That’s a lame story Uncle Rico, plus, the NFL is having a lockout this year, so good luck.
Do something awesome. Post your story to comments. Or post your favorite picture. That should suffice.


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