Answers to YOUR Frequently Asked Workout Questions


How much weight should I be lifting? What are rep schemes? AM or PM workouts?

Do YOU have a burning question about fitness, nutrition, or your workout routine?

Well this is your lucky day, because on today’s podcast we are having a workout Q&A session to address many frequently asked workout questions.

You’ll hear answers to questions from other podcast listeners like these:

  • Jose wonders if it’s better to increase weight slowly week after week, maintaining the same number of reps, OR if he should move to heavier weights more quickly.
  • Emily wants to know if there is a difference between 5 reps at a heavier weight and doing 12 reps with less weight.
  • Tony wants to know the answer to this question: can he break up his workouts into two segments, i.e., half in the morning, half in the afternoon?
  • Tina wants to know if she should mix plyo, core, and cardio on a rotating basis to achieve the results she wants.
  • Ryan’s question is about pre-workout snacking. Should he eat before a workout? And if so, what should that snack consist of?

And one of the most frequently asked workout questions which I will address in today’s podcast is about pre-workout drinks and shakes. Should you use them? If so, which ones are worth the investment, and which ones are hot garbage?

These are all great questions, and if you want answers to these frequently asked workout questions and more, listen to today’s podcast. If you listen to the podcast, and you still have questions, shoot me an email at


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