Pursuing Your Passion, Monetizing Your Side Hustle


Pualena is a badass. She has a digital design agency, she does jiu jitsu, and has even been a personal trainer. And this week she joins us on our Million Dollar Body podcast to share some of her expertise.

After years in other industries, Pualena returned to her creative and artistic roots via digital design to courageously connect her passion to the marketplace.

And what would Pua say to others like her, who are thinking about pursuing their passions? “Follow what lights you up. If you know deep down that you are destined for something else, give it a shot.

And she doesn’t necessarily recommend quitting your job. Sometimes you have to keep your job while playing around with monetizing your side-hustle to see if it has any legs. You may have the skill and the passion, but you’ve got to see if there’s room in the marketplace for that skill and passion. (Especially if that passion is trading Pokemon cards.)

First Thing You Should Do To Monetize Your Side Hustle

Her best advice? Pua recommends that people create an MVP (Minimally Viable Product) where you create SOMETHING (a physical product? an online course?) that captures your side hustle and passion in a way that people can “try it and buy it”. Do whatever you need to do to get that MVP out there, be willing to accept money for it, and really begin monetizing your side hustle.

In today’s podcast, Pua Lena will walk us through some really great questions you should be asking if you’re thinking about pursuing your passion:

  • What needs are you seeing?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I want to do?

What Does Fitness Have to Do Wih Monetizing Your Side Hustle

We’ll also talk about

  • how fitness is directly related to the success of our side hustle.
  • which fitness habits most high achievers have in common.

Do you have a passion you’d like to pursue? Would you like to learn more about monetizing your side hustle? If so, listen to the podcast!


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