Find a piece of equipment at your gym/health club/house/garage/backyard. Anything will do. A bike, a rock, the leg press machine, a Costco sized bag of lentils, etc.
Now pick an exercise. The more joints involved in your exercise the better (read: DON’T DO CURLS) Whether it’s bike around the block, lift rock overhead, lentil squats, it doesn’t matter, just make it good.
Now, perform said exercise
a) as many times as you can
b) as many times as you can in 3 minutes
c) as fast as you can for 100 reps.

Once you’re finished, take a 45 second break, then do it again. Get more reps, or do it faster.
It’s hard, but not impossible. when your muscles are burning, try this trick. Stop thinking about the muscular stimulation as pain. It’s not pain. Avoid saying “it hurts, I hate this, this sucks, I’d rather birth an 18 wheeler” etc. Instead, focus on your burn and try to think about and describe exactly what it feels like. Can’t quite get it? Assign a color to your pain, don’t think too hard, just whatever comes to mind in the moment. Stay there, thinking about that color, and how it relates to what you’re feeling right now.
See if it changes.
Finish your reps.
Become strong and powerful
Like a lion
Made out of small robots
On steroids
In a tank.

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