Crossfit For Weight Loss: Is It Best For YOUR Body?


If you’re like me, you probably have a love/hate relationship with CrossFit. I mean, it’s easy to look at guys like Rich Froening and think that CrossFit is THE WAY to get your physique on point.

And CrossFit does a lot of things right, like building community. Pressure from your CrossFit friends can help ensure that you’re going to show up and work your ass off.

In today’s podcast, I’ve brought in Elliot Schackne of Orion Strength to give us his opinion on CrossFit.

Elliott agrees with me that the social aspect of CrossFit can be very powerful. But for that reason, for some people…

“it can be difficult to separate the enjoyment of that [crossfit] experience with what’s actually best for their body and their goals,” Elliot says. “It will work for some people. It can have absolutely deleterious effects for other people. And it might be one of the worst things for people to do in their current state.”

(By the way – “deleterious” – look it up and thank Elliot later for the vocab lesson.)

But how would you know if CrossFit is not the right choice for you? Are there risk factors of using crossfit for weight loss that you should know about?

In the podcast, you’ll hear Elliot outline a few reasons why CrossFit might NOT be what’s best in helping you reach your weight loss goals. Some risk factors of CrossFit include:

  • compounding stress
  • causing or worsening inflammation
  • overuse injuries
  • mental fatigue

That being said, if you just can’t live in a world without CrossFit, Elliot has a few tips for you. If you want to find out if CrossFit is best for you OR if you just want to reduce the risk factors of CrossFit, listen to today’s podcast!


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