Are Carbs for Breakfast Unhealthy?


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We just took the family to San Fran for our first real vacation with both kids, and it was…. great! Vacations now look a lot different than before kids (I rarely spent that much time on playgrounds) but it was fun to see both kids figuring out a new environment.

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  1. Are you training legs too much? 

    I used to mock anyone who dared to skip leg day. But when I bought into the “if you’re not squatting, you’re not a man” fitness myth, my upper body never looked how I wanted.Since the quads and the glutes are some of the biggest muscles in the body, they end up taking 50-65% of the gains (from protein synthesis you get from heavy leg workouts).

    If you want bigger legs (or squat heavy and often), that can often come at the expense of the upper body ESPECIALLY for men who are really working on increasing the weight on squads/deadlifts.

  2. If you want to drop fat quickly, skip the carbs in the AM. 

    If you feed your body sugar/carbs – you’ll burn those first INSTEAD of fat.So if you want to burn fat (a better choice for our waistline and focus) opt for a higher protein and higher fat breakfast.


    Sometimes it can be easy to get fixated on a label, “Low Carb”, “Organic”, or “Paleo”, but unfortunately these are often manipulated to sell products.I saw a “low carb” dressing the other day but it was made with hydrogenated oils and all sorts of unhealthy fillers. So while organic and low carb are great places to start, we can’t assume that a single label is all we need to focus on.

    By continuing to learn about fitness and nutrition without being dogmatic, the easier it will be to get results.

2 Resources

  1. These are the TWO ways to lose visceral fat. Packaged nicely in a 57 second video.
  2. Want to learn more about nutrition in perhaps the most roundabout way possible?
    Check out the Low Carb Game Show episode of the the podcast, where Kristin wins FABULOUS prizes (i.e. a 4.00 gift card to Taco Bell…probably)

1 Question

  1. What’s stopped you in the past?Whether you’re learning French, getting in shape, or writing a book we often get derailed even with the best intentions.

    Looking at WHAT causes you to fall off can provide MORE insight than looking at what works.

    Because if it seems like you do great on your diet until the holidays or vacation, then the next time you can simply account for those things in your prep or have a “forced start” after that time. (i.e. you pay for a bootcamp, enlist a friend to train with you in the AM, etc)

    How about you? Any common themes come up?

    For me, it’s not seeing results early. If that doesn’t happen it’s easy for me to slip up and go do something else.




p.s. if you need a fitness and nutrition reboot before the summer, check out the Low Carb Reset – it’s a 2 week reset challenge to help you get fat adapted and drop weight fast.

(If you haven’t seen why becoming fat adapted is important yet, check out that video on burning sugar above.)

The more you can switch your body toward using fat for fuel, the easier and less painful it is to lose weight.

Besides, it’s only 2 weeks! And right now the Low Carb Reset is 50% off until Friday.


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