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This post was lovingly curated for you at 6:04 am on a Wednesday.

We’re at the point in AZ weather where it’s hot during the day but still cools off at night so the fam and I are trying to spend as much time outside in the evenings as possible.

We also just got a hand-me-down swing set, so we basically spent the weekend hanging out in the backyard.

Our youngest likes to lay face down on a big circular swing we have and just put out the vibe, it’s hilarious.

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  1. Just Squeeze it.
    In my 20s I scoured the internet for the “secret” that  would make me strong and jacked.I ended up always hurt.Because this secret wasn’t “squat heavy and deadlift the floor!” so it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.

    You ready for this?

    Secret 1: Lift a weight you can control through the entire range of motion. Hold the ‘squeeze’ for 2-3 seconds per rep.

    Secret 2: Do that consistently for a couple years without taking big chunks of time off

  2. “Can I do X Instead?”“Nate, I don’t really like having a shake without carbs in the morning, can I have my normal breakfast on this program?”

    I don’t know – was that getting you the results you wanted?Doesn’t sound like it.

    When you change gears and opt in for a new fitness program, mentorship, or work with a biz coach – GO ALL IN.

    Don’t try to outsmart the program and combine it with your favorite low carb snack or social media strategy.

    Worst case scenario is that you’ll end up one step closer to your goals with an additional tool to use later.

  3. Not Doing What You Say is a Disease.If you consistently say you’ll do one thing and then DON’T, you’re gradually rewiring your brain to become a person who doesn’t believe themselves.If your expectation becomes “sure I said X but not doing it is acceptable as well“, your word becomes worthless to yourself and others.

    Think about parenting. If you tell your kid they’re going to get ice cream, (or get grounded, more likely) but then you never follow through, that coercion or threat will simply stop working as your kid realizes that you don’t follow through.

    Choose your words carefully.

    Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it.

    Be Inevitable.


2 Resources

  1. Who should do Keto? Check out this interview with Robert Sikes, the Keto Savage (and former host of the Low Carb Hustle Podcast). We talk about the type of person that thrives with a ketogenic lifestyle.
  2. Here’s how that “Squeeze” technique should look. Check out the 38 sec vid on how to grow your back

1 Question

What’s your reputation?

What do people think when you say you’re going to get something done? Do they get the streamers and champagne ready for the grand opening?

Or do they secretly roll their eyes because this is the 6th new thing you’ve said you were going to do this year, and you haven’t completed any of them yet.

While opinions of others aren’t what you need to be fixated on, it can give you some good clues to areas that need strengthening.

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