A Tale of 2 Dads: Which One Actually Loses Weight and Keeps It Off?

tale of 2 dads which one actually keeps the weight off

This is a tale of two busy men—both high performers, both dads, both leaders in their work, and both of them want to drop forty pounds and keep it off.

One of the dads, let’s call him Chad, goes all in. He’s a perfectionist, an all-or-nothing kind of guy. His enthusiasm is unparalleled. 

The second dad, let’s call him Brad, is committed to change but knows he doesn’t have time to make a ton of changes at once. So, he makes a few modifications to his nutrition plan (e.g. ditches soda, eats carbs only at night) and commits to moving 20 minutes per day. His enthusiasm level isn’t bonkers like Chad’s, but he’s motivated. 

Which dad do you think will ultimately lose the forty pounds AND keep it off? Chad or Brad?

The Universal Cycle Everyone Goes Through When They Try to Lose Weight

Before you join Team Chad or Team Brad, first you have to know that everyone on the face of the earth starts a new program feeling motivated and excited for change. Enthusiasm is high in the beginning, and that’s good because you need it to get started. 

The challenge that most people face, however,  is channeling that enthusiasm into consistency. Enthusiasm will only get you so far. It leads to high effort over a short period of time, but consistency over the long run is what gets you lasting results. 

When the enthusiasm starts to wane and you become stagnant, what’s going to get you through that? It’s not going to be a shiny new program or another trendy diet plan, it’s going to the clear plan and goals you made in the beginning that you just need to keep implementing. 

Mountaintops, The Pit of Despair, and Climbing Back Out

It’s important to know that your mountaintop experience of enthusiasm and dropping a few pounds fast in the beginning will lead to a universal dip. Everyone stagnates at some point in their weight loss journey and they need perspective, encouragement, and concrete examples of success to keep going or to get back on track.

Chad responds to the dip by despairing:  “I drank this weekend and ate a whole pizza, I’ll never be successful. It’s impossible to hit these workouts consistently. Life’s too busyy. There’s got to be a better plan out there.”

Brad responds to the dip by being reasonable  – “I ate a whole pizza this week. My weight went up, but I’m not stressing because I have a solid foundation of successful habits I’ve set for myself. After talking with my coach, I know which behaviors will result in my success and I’m confident that If I hit them 80% of the time, I’ll reach my goals.”

I’ll ask the question again: Which dad do you think will ultimately lose the forty pounds AND keep it off? Chad or Brad?

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, we’re going to examine the habits of Chad and Brad to see who bounces back from the universal “put of despair” and gets the lasting weight loss results they want! 

You’ll learn:

  • What to do when you’re not getting the results you want. This is not rocket science, but you may need a little help to figure out where you’re going off track.
  • How to transform your fitness choices into a lifestyle that fits your busy schedule  instead of a one-time magic pill
  • How to bounce back from the inevitable dip and stay invested in your health for the good of you AND your family

Ready to find out how to drop the weight  and keep it off? Who’s strategy is most effective—Chad’s or Brad’s? Find out which team I’m on in this week’s episode.


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