6 Fitness Excuses That Are Keeping You Soft and Stuck

6 fitness excuses keeping you soft and stuck

You know you’ve said them before. Probably this morning. 

I know I have.

It’s the fitness excuses I hear all the time from men.

“I’ll start working out in January.”

“I can’t workout because I have 3 kids and I work all day.”

“Maybe just a little piece of cake. It’s all about moderation, right?”

WRONG. Listen, if you’re in a fragile state today, it might not be the time for you to listen to this podcast because I’m about to get REAL with some “no bull$hit” talk about WHY your excuses are keeping you stuck and soft in your life. 

The countless excuses you’re making to keep you from getting fit are keeping you from living the life I know you want.

  • Making more money
  • Having more energy for your family
  • Gaining more mental clarity to crush it at your job
  • Getting stronger and just plain looking f’ing good. 

So, let’s stop with all the procrastinating. It’s just a safety mechanism. You think it’s going to keep you safe from possible failure if you put yourself out there and commit to a goal. Or maybe you’re even afraid of the success you might experience because it.will.change.your.life.

Want a fool-proof way to fix your procrastinating ways that are keeping you soft and stuck?

One of my favorite musicians is the American pianist, John Burke. When he gets an idea for a new album, he makes sure that he gets it done by doing two really important things:

  1. He puts his money where his mouth is. He rents studio space in advance to make sure he completes the album. (Otherwise, all the money is down the drain!)
  2. He promotes his album on social media BEFORE it’s complete, again, to keep him accountable to finish it.

It’s the same for you and fitness. You have to figure out a way to hold yourself accountable. Investing your money in a coach/a fitness program/a nutrition plan is one really effective way to stick to your goals. If you don’t put money on the table, it’s much harder to go all the way to the finish line.

 The 6 Fitness Excuses That Are Holding You Back

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I’m breaking down the six most common excuses I hear, HOW they’re holding you back from the life you want, and WHY you need to get rid of them right now. 


  • The phrase I hate – “Everything in moderation.” If that’s guiding your nutrition choices, get ready for “death by a thousand cuts.” If you’re continually using moderation as an excuse to eat garbage, that’s not moderation.
  • Motivation and relying on something magical to get you started. (Truth: Motivation doesn’t come first. Motivation follows momentum.)
  • Thinking everything in your life needs to be EASY. That attitude will keep you soft in every area of your life.

Listen, I’m giving it straight to you this week, but that’s also because I need to hear it myself. Plus, for each excuse, I’m giving you the corresponding FIX so that you can move forward and start crushing your fitness goals. Ready? Listen to the podcast.


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