5 Quick and Easy Morning Rituals That Burn Fat and Build Focus

5 quick and easy morning rituals that burn fat and build focus

Morning routines are a big thing these days and for good reason. When you start your day with a routine, you take control of the day, instead of the day taking control of you. You put yourself in a proactive posture instead of a reactive one. 

The problem with the popular morning routines of the gurus, however, is that they are jam-packed with activities like meditation, exercising, journaling, gratitude walks, yoga, etc. And before you know it, your two-hour morning routine is seeping into your most alert working hours.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got kids at home so I can’t afford to do a two-hour morning routine that includes massaging my lymph nodes with black mamba venom.

I need a fast way to get in the zone for the day that will boost my energy AND get my body into fat-burning mode.

The 5 Rituals that you can do in LESS Than 5-Minutes to Burn Fat and Build Focus

Your morning routine doesn’t have to be long and complicated to be effective, but you need to have one to feel like you’re in control of your day. When you’re out of control, life happens to you. When you’re in control, YOU happen to life. You direct the course.

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I’m letting you in on my highly effective morning routine that you can do quickly to train your body to start creating energy and shifting from sleep to a fat-burning, energy-making machine. 

You’ll learn:

  • What role coffee plays in your morning routine and what you can add to it for an extra dose of fat-burning (Watch until the end for all of my coffee hacks!)
  • What kind of exercise should do (and for how long) to optimize your energy for the day
  • Which activities you need to do in the AM to avoid decision fatigue and naturally boost your mood

If you’re ready for a morning routine that’s quick, easy, and pays big dividends when it comes to energy and fat loss, this podcast is for you!


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