Want to Get Lean? You Need To Ditch Keto and Do This Instead.

stop Keto and fad diets to get lean

Want to watch your fitness progress snowball this year? Ready to get lean and STAY THAT WAY?

You’ll never wake up with a different body overnight. What you will do is look back over time and see just how much progress you’ve made. The key is looking for small opportunities for change in your day-to-day life.

That’s why in my new book The Million Dollar Body Method (Have you heard? Releasing in early February!) I talk so much about the 7 daily investments you need to make in order to get lean and stay lean for life.

Here’s what the Million Dollar Body method is:

A fitness framework that integrates with your busy lifestyle.

A mindset shift from strict dieting and calorie counting to finally understanding what drives lasting fat loss.

A lifestyle change that optimizes your energy levels and fuels your most important work and relationships.

Here’s what the Million Dollar Body method is NOT:

A fad diet that convinces you that consuming 500 extra calories from butter in your coffee is normal. What?! (I’m looking at you keto.)

That’s why I was so excited to talk to Paul Riili on my podcast today. After multiple rounds of fad diets, he’s adopted a lean mindset for life and has seen LASTING RESULTS in my program.

He implements the Million Dollar Body framework DAILY and not only has he lost fat and built muscle, but his whole mindset on fitness has changed:

For me, it’s not a box to check, I’m excited about working out everyday. It’s in my DNA now.

It’s been an absolute privilege watching Paul’s body, mindset, and energy transform. His passion for training and nutrition is infectious. On today’s podcast, we talked about the strategies he uses to STAY lean and how you can, too.

You’ll learn:

  • Why keto and other fad diets don’t bring lasting change and why they are bad for your body
  • How Paul aligns his daily habits with his vision of where he wants his body to be
  • How to make fitness a lifestyle that fuels your most important choices and relationships

If you’re ready to ditch keto and other fad diets and get lean for life, you need to listen to my interview with Paul! 









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