The One Supplement You Aren’t Taking Enough Of


What if I told you that by taking just a little more of a supplement you probably already have lying around the house, you could increase your progress in the gym, increase the efficiency of your immune system, decrease soreness, and increase your ability to recover from a hard workout?

Would you believe me?
Would you give me all your money?
Would you to tell me to get a spot on TV next to Chuck Norris and his creepy red lip-sweater?

I normally am against spending a lot of money on supplements, or using very many. Instead I think that a good diet should contain most of the nutrients you need, and you should choose to change your diet, rather than just piling a pile of pills on top of it and calling it a day. It’s a supplement after all, designed to augment your already clean diet, not put a band-aid on your awful nutrition habits so you can feel good about ordering your next appletini. Don’t make me hurt you.
However, in this case I’ll make an exception for this one pill, becuase of its numerous good qualities.

Vitamin C can help you:

  • reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (“DOMS” or that horrible pain you have in your legs and butt after doing a few hundred lunges)
  • boost your immune system
  • keep your muscles recovering at a higher rate


If you’re between 150 and 200lbs, take 2000mg in the morning, and another 2000mg at night (generally 2 pills) and add another 2000mg after every workout in decrease soreness.
Easy. I think I spent all of 8 dollars on a bottle of 94 thousand pills.

Post any questions.





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