The Keto Lie: The Top 5 Reasons You Should Not Do Keto

the top 5 reasons you should not do keto

I hate keto. 

Like really, really hate it. 

Now, hang with me because I know that there are lots of you out there listening that are thinking:

But wait, my friend X and my girlfriend Y lost 20 pounds doing keto. So, what are you talking about?!

The Keto Lie: Drop Weight fast, Gain It All Back

Here’s the thing. Keto does work at first, but it’s highly unsustainable. When you eliminate an entire macronutrient category from your diet, real life comes crashing in real quick. Plus, if you have kids, eat out more than once per week, or ever want to eat a slice of pizza again, keto is absolutely the wrong choice for you.

Again, most people who do keto drop weight fast, but as soon as they eat their first bite of bagel, the weight creeps back on plus a nice little bonus.

Don’t believe me? Consider a client of mine that did keto and gutted it out for eight weeks. 

  • During Week 1-3 zealotry, he lost 12 pounds.
  • During Week 4-5, he wasn’t prepping his food as much, so he just skipped meals and came home starving with low energy, but he was down a total of 20 pounds.
  • During Week 6-8, he slipped and had some “cheat meals” including client lunches and his kid’s birthday party, etc. Now the weight is dropping slower but he’s still down a total of 22 pounds.
  • In Week 9, he goes off keto because he’s starting to feel like it’s not sustainable and he gains 6 pounds.
  • 2 months later, he was back to his original weight plus another 4 pounds. 

Guys, I see this over and over again. Just don’t do it.

The Keto Lie: The Damning Science Behind Keto

But that’s not even the only reason I hate keto. On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, get ready because I’m about to go deep into the science behind the keto diet, including ways it can harm your body (cellular damage) and what’s happening during the dreaded “keto flu.” (Yes, that’s a real thing and it makes you feel like dog $hit.)  


  • Why Keto is the wrong choice for basically everybody and I’m backing up my claim with science so don’t sleep on this one. 
  • How keto tricks us into thinking there’s a hack or a quick fix to some effortless results that we don’t really have to work for. (And seriously, who thinks putting butter in your coffee is a good idea?)
  • How ditching carbs completely elevates your stress and your cortisol levels which can lower your metabolic rate, lower testosterone and estrogen levels, and make it difficult to build muscle.

Listen,  the good news? You now have my complete permission to stop pretending that bacon is a health food. If you’re ready to know the ins and outs of why I hate keto and what it does to your body, this podcast is for you.


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