Macros, Mindset, and Maintenance: Drop Fat and Keep It Off

macros mindset and maintenance drop fat and keep it off

What’s the one thing that holds you back from losing weight?

Not being in a caloric deficit. 

But getting into a sustainable caloric deficit means different things for different body types and genders. If your fat loss program or coach doesn’t take that into consideration, quietly get up from your seat and…run!

That’s why I was so impressed when I interviewed fat loss expert (for females) Garrett Serd of Tandem Nutrition. He follows the hard data for each of his clients to inform his decisions on what they need to do to drop fat and keep it off. Not only does he rely on science (which is a pretty *clutch* strategy by the way), he takes his clients personal preferences regarding nutrition and exercise into consideration so they actually enjoy the process, too.

How to Drop Fat and Keep It Off (Years Later)

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar body podcast, Garrett and I discuss the most strategic approach to fat loss and how to ensure that the results you’re getting today are the results you’re maintaining five years from now.

You’ll learn:

  • Garrett’s four distinct phases of fat loss and why they’re important to train your body to keep fat off
  • How to shift out of the dieting mentality and actually enjoy losing weight
  • What a fat loss exit strategy is and why you need one to sustain your results
  • Plus, watch to the end for my newly minted lightning round of guest questions!

If you’re ready to understand how your body drops fat most effectively, and get expert advice from a leading fat loss pro, this podcast is for you.


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