The 5 Real Reasons Men Don’t Have Abs

the 5 real reasons men dont have abs

I’m all about the best tactics and techniques to build muscle and get fit. In fact, I’ve written a total of 23 e-books to prove it. But, there’s something missing, especially when it comes to building your abs, that I want to address.

If you want a killer six-pack, it’s not about your carb intake, hitting your meal plan goals, or creating the most advanced abs workout routine out there. It’s about your mindset. You can have all the latest six-pack hacks and routines, but they won’t work if your mindset is keeping you from making the commitment you need to get there.

The Main Reason You Don’t Have Abs

You only want to commit when you feel like it.  (Let that sit for a minute, let it sting.)

Here’s the deal, though.  If you’re a man with a job, and especially if you’re married with a family, “feeling like it” isn’t going to show up often.

  • You’re going to feel like you have too much to do to workout.
  • You’re going to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • You’re going to feel like you’re too tired. 
  • You’re going to feel like your kids take all your energy.

Abs require diligence and commitment EVERY day, not just on the days when you feel like it, or sleep well, or don’t fight with your kids, or don’t have business “emergencies.” You have to put your flag in the ground and commit to the end goal. No excuses.

The Other Four Reasons You Don’t Have Abs

On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I’m talking about the 5 *real* reasons you don’t have abs. If you haven’t seen the level of success you want, it’s 100% on you. 

The sooner you break out of the soft mindset that says “I can’t because of this reason,” the sooner that six-pack will be ready for a Cabo poolside reveal.

This episode is going to help you break out of the soft mindset. You’ll learn:

  • What’s holding you back from getting the killer abs you know you want and how to break free from blaming everyone but yourself.
  • How to stop trying to “hack your way thin.” Getting abs is a daily investment. You reap the rewards when you stay consistent and stop making excuses.
  • How to start creating the habits that allow you to be the man you want to be in order to show up for your family, your friends, and your work.

If you’re ready to ditch the excuses and start putting in the mental work to get status symbol abs, this podcast is for you!


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