Level Up Everyday With This Powerful Mindset Shift

level up with this mindset shift with podcast host Scott Ferguson

“Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Yard by yard, it’s hard.”

That’s the motto Scott Ferguson of the Time To Shine Today podcast lives by. He knows that if you want to hit a big goal, you have to break it down into small steps and accomplish one at a time. Tiny wins, day after day, add up to big results. It’s one of the ways he helps his clients, too, break out of whatever’s holding them back from leveling up.

Level Up Everyday With This Powerful Mindset Shift: Reframing Your Story

Scott has such an interesting story. He was born in the Philippines, but was shipped off to Spain because of his mixed race and the fact that he was a male. (The Filipino government didn’t want these males taking over the country one day!) He was adopted by an American couple, but that fell through shortly after, so he spent time in an orphanage before getting adopted by another family from Detroit, Michigan. 

It’s not hard to understand why, but Scott self-admittedly has abandonment issues. It’s one of the reasons he started the Time To Shine Today podcast. He doesn’t want anyone to feel like they have no one—he wants people to find authentic community and leverage it to add more tools to their success arsenal, level up everyday, and pay it forward. Scott knows what it’s like to be at rock bottom (you’ve got to listen to the podcast to hear this part of his story!) and he uses what got him off the ground to coach his clients to get to the next level. 

Level Up Everyday With This Powerful Mindset Shift: How to Hit Your Goals

I was a guest on Scott’s podcast and I’d honestly never had someone ask me such intentional questions. His interest in me as a person, as well as the Million Dollar Body method, was above and beyond. But today, he’s a guest on my podcast and you’ll want to listen for two reasons: (1) He’s successfully coached a ton of people to reach big goals in a variety of areas in their lives, and (2) he’s dropping some major wisdom on his framework for reaching success in life.

We talked about:

  • His rock-bottom story, how he self-admittedly preyed on other people’s misfortune, and what changed him for good (including the book that changed everything for him)
  • How he’s building a tribe at Time To Shine Today podcast 
  • His technique for guiding people to draw their own (intelligent) conclusions instead of lecturing them

If you’re ready to learn more from an expert coach and add more tools to your success arsenal, this podcast episode is for you!


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