Like Your Love Handles? 9 Ways to Keep Them Around For Good

Like your love handles? Here's how to keep them around forever.

Really into your love handles? Looking for a way to get them to stick around for good?

I’ve got 9 bulletproof ways for your belly fat to keep you in a t-shirt for pool season. Oh wait, I forgot. You like your love handles. Well, go ahead and rock that speedo then.

Keep Your Body Soft and Weak with these Party Pleasers

1. “If it’s beige, it stays.” You know that kinda off-white, brownish color that’s front and center on every American grocery store aisle? Think hamburger buns, french fries, chicken nuggets.  Eating this processed junk on a regular basis is one of the most detrimental things you can do for your health and your love handles.

2. Drink alcohol all the time – especially sugary cocktails. PSA: Alcohol is a poison. That means your body doesn’t really like it and works to get rid of it. In order to do that, your body puts all other important processes on hold (like fat-burning) while it deals with the poison. (Beer + lovehandles. They go together.)

3. Constant snacking. Nearly sixty percent of Americans are overweight. I blame this stat on snacking. Not only does snacking majorly slow down your energy since your body has to keep entering into digestion mode, if you’re not training, those extra calories are going straight to your gut.

Keep Your Body Soft and Weak By Being as Stressed Out as Possible

1. Make a bunch of habit changes all at once.  Go vegan, cut carbs, HIIT train, get personal training, AND do intermittent fasting. This is a recipe for disaster. Too many stressors at once will increase your cortisol levels (aka the belly fat hormone).

2. Get stressed out to the max every day about things you can’t control. (Hello, cortisol.)

3. Overdo the intense cardio all. the. time. Your body WILL GO into survival mode and you guessed it—cortisol sneaks in and makes sure your love handles are here to stay.

Okay, so that’s how you let your love handles live (and feel sluggish at the same time. Cheers!). I talk about even more ways in the podcast, too!

But if you’re interested in the OPPOSITE and you’re ready to get rid of your love handles, listen to the end of this episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast to get 5 ways to hack your routine to lose the love handles and get lean and strong!


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