Go Take A Walk: 5 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Exercise

the many benefits of walking beyond weight loss

Want to know what the most underrated exercise is for losing weight, building muscle, and de-stressing?


It’s simple, it’s free, and you need to be doing more of it. Not only is walking great for your health, but research shows that it boosts your immune system, too! 

Why Walking Is The Best Exercise Reason #1 – Natural Immunity Booster

This little fact seems especially important given our current state of affairs, i.e. a global pandemic.

How does it work?

Walking boosts your immunity by increasing the amount of NK cells (natural killer cells) in your body.

NK cells provide the first line of defense against many viruses. Since they can distinguish between infected and uninfected host cells they are able to target and kill infected cells.

In fact, one of the reasons why Covid is affecting kids the least is because they have a higher prevalence of NK cells than adults.

I’m not sure you need any more reason to get out a take a walk than fighting off a global pandemic, but I’m giving you four more anyway.

Why Walking Is The Best Exercise Reason #2 – Effective Digestion

Taking a 10-minute walk right after you eat is the best way to partition more nutrients from your meal to your muscles rather than fat cells. It also gets your blood flowing which is important for moving your digestion along in all the right ways.

Why Walking Is The Best Exercise Reason #3 – Stress Relief

“Get the goods in the woods.” This is one of my favorite quotes from a good friend of mine, Tim Rhode. He gets out in nature every day to naturally boost his mood and decrease his stress levels. This anecdote is backed up by science. According to Dr. Michelfelder, professor of family medicine at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine:

“One of the best ways to wind down and reconnect after a stressful day is by taking a walk. Though any walking is good, walking in the woods or in nature has been proven to be even better at reducing stress and improving your health.”

Why Walking Is The Best Exercise Reason #4 – Disease Prevention

Walking helps regulate blood sugar levels, which in turn keeps insulin levels low and keeps diseases like diabetes far, far away. Of course, it’s also great for heart health as well. Walking has amazing reducing effects on high cholesterol and high blood pressure, precursors to coronary disease.

Why Walking Is The Best Exercise Reason #5 – Anyone Can Do It

There’s an insanely low barrier to walking! Most people of all ages can do it, it’s free, and all you have to do is walk right outside of your door to get it done.

I challenge you to walk 10 minutes every day for the next 2 weeks and see what changes for you. I honestly believe if everyone took at least a 10-minute walk everyday, we could change the world. We’d be in better shape emotionally, physically, and mentally which, in turn, creates better communities.

To hear the 5 Reasons Why Walking Is the Best Exercise in-depth, listen to this week’s podcast. 



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