White Rice vs. Brown Rice – Which Is Healthiest? Should You Care?

fitness Information overload

Pop quiz time!

In the brown rice vs. white rice contest, brown rice wins, right? Choosing white rice crosses the fitness “party line” …doesn’t it? And eating it plain with a plate full of overcooked, flavorless chicken makes a healthy meal.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this brown rice vs. white rice comparison is ultimately a load of horse shit. And today’s podcast will help you understand why.

But for now, my point is this:

We are living in the age of fitness information overload. There’s way too much of it at our fingertips.

And whether you are working on building your business or your body, we can get stuck on one myopic nugget of information, thinking that THAT is the ticket.

Eating brown rice. Eating six meals a day. Drinking a shit-ton of water. Drinking green juice every morning. Be honest: how many of these practices have you latched onto, only to find that it didn’t give you what you wanted – to move the needle in your business or your body?

If you’re getting bogged down in the details, worrying about whether or not legumes cause leaky gut, or if eggplants sneak into your room at night and sniff your underwear – STOP. Too much information will handicap your progress. So, what do you do?

Today’s podcast is all about

  • Escaping from fitness information overload 
  • How to avoid getting hung up on one myopic detail
  • Keeping your momentum going when you feel overwhelmed

And, yeah, I promise to tell you the answer to the brown rice vs. white rice argument.

So if you’re ready to find a way out of the mire of the information age and JUST DO SOMETHING, listen to today’s podcast.


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