Don’t Be A Whiner!

Don't Be A Whiner

Have you been contemplating contacting me for help reaching your personal fitness goals? Let me guess, you talked yourself out of it again didn’t you?

Dude, what are you waiting for?

Get off the fence!

There’s nothing I can’t handle, and TRUST me, I have seen it all. In fact, I made today’s video just for YOU, just so you can say, “At least I’m not as bad as that guy.”

It’s your lucky day! In today’s video, you’ll get to watch me do what I do. I’ll take calls from a few guys who –just like you— want to take their fitness to the next level.  But unlike you, these guys are the three of the MOST ridiculous personality types I’ve encountered in my role as a personal trainer.

So let’s have a laugh together, and know that no matter what your personal fitness goals are, I’m here to help you all until you reach them all – and I will never laugh at you. At least not to your face.

 In today’s video, using a ruggedly handsome actor portraying a few of my favorite coaching client types, I’ll introduce you to The Highly Motivated Client, who works out eleventy-five times a day, and supplements his supplements with supplements.

 You’ll also meet Mr. Problem For Every Solution. He will absolutely stump you with his multitude of injuries and dietary restrictions. He doesn’t really want to try, he just wants a reason NOT to.

 Finally, say hi to Shiny Object Guy. He’s just out here jumping on the latest trend. Avoid drinking water but get food from the sun? Downing OJ-soaked cotton balls for breakfast? What?

 So like I said, we might have our work cut out for us, but at least you’re not asking me about eating cotton balls soaked in OJ, right?

 Watch today’s video for a laugh, and to get an idea of the kinds of questions I’ll ask you when you’re ready to take the next step in reaching your personal fitness goals. 

What are you waiting for?



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