Your Body is a Lamborghini, Fuel It Like One

your body is a Lamborghini, fuel it like one

Question: Would you put regular old, unleaded gasoline into say, a Lamborghini?

Answer: &#%$ NO!

So why are you still putting low-grade fuel into the most valuable asset you own – your body? Your body is a Lamborghini, fuel it like one.

In today’s video, I’m talking to Nick Trevillion—Founder of Triumphant Life Coaching—and if you are an entrepreneur that cares about mental focus and business performance, he has a wake-up message for you.

From Nick: Fellow entrepreneurs, YOU are some of the baddest, most expensive machines on planet earth. The art of becoming an entrepreneur is worthy of admiration. To simply take that risk, to leave that corporate job and go ALL-IN with an idea of your own – you already ARE a Lamborghini.

But you wouldn’t put sludge into a Lambo, would you? You’d give it high-octane fuel, and not only that, you’d change the oil, you’d rotate the tires, you’d keep it clean. You would do everything you could to keep that bad boy running clean.

⚡️ News flash: you HAVE to take care of yourself like the high-octane machine you are in order to have a wider impact in your life. (Join Nate’s Million Dollar Body Facebook group for premium strategies to get fit and keep you accountable!)

Listen. As hustling business owners, drive-thru windows and gas station snacks are fast, easy and cheap. But using those as sources of fuel for yourself is the same as putting junk fuel into a Lamborghini.


In today’s video, Nick Trevillion shares this truth: If your health and fitness are on point, these TWO things are sure to follow:

  • Your business growth
  • Your gratitude/spirit

We have got to STOP putting junk fuel into our bodies. If you’re ready to start taking care of yourself to keep YOUR most valuable asset (your body) running smooth, watch today’s video!




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