Bodyweight Training Vs. Traditional Strength Training – Which is Better?

bodyweight training versus strength training

What if I said you could bulk up without ever touching a single piece of gym equipment?


It’s true. Forget about training with barbells and dumbbells for just a minute. Let’s talk about bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training is a GREAT way not only to tone up, but to strength train as well. The difference between bodyweight training and regular strength training is that you are using your own body as resistance, rather than relying on weights and gym equipment.

Here’s what I mean: In traditional strength training, it makes sense that a person who is able to squat 315 pounds for 10 reps is stronger than when he or she was squatting only 135 pounds for 5 reps.

In bodyweight training, you actually have to move your own bodyweight through space which makes it perfect for DECREASING FAT TISSUE. The more fat you carry, the more it works AGAINST you in bodyweight exercises, making them PERFECT for getting leaner and revealing your abs (just in time for summer).

In an article I wrote for, I discuss THREE ways you can make bodyweight training JUST as effective as using weights to build muscle and burn fat:

1. Increase difficulty of exercise – Over a training period, try going from a knee pushup, to a regular pushup to a clapping pushup. One day you might even accomplish a ONE ARM pushup! The only limit is your creativity.

2. Increase volume – If last week you could do 10 rows in 60 seconds, try to bump that up each week to 12, 15 or 20 reps in a single minute. This allows you to do more work in less time and will help your muscles, while stripping fat.

3. Increase time under tension. This is a GAME CHANGER, and you can try this right now. Do 10 pushups, but with each rep, take 4 seconds on the negative (lowering part of the rep). Let me know how it goes!

So, if you’re ready to build muscle and burn fat using the best piece of gym equipment out there (YOU) watch today’s video, and get started with some killer bodyweight training exercises.

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