THIS Is The Best Way to Burn Body Fat

best way to burn body fat

When you think about the best way to burn body fat, which type of exercise do you tend to think of first? Well, if you’re like most people, “cardio” comes to mind. You might hop on a treadmill, an assault bike, or an elliptical machine and put in an hour or so. You might even join a fitness class if you can fit it into your schedule.

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But is cardio the best way to burn body fat?

Cardio is great for increasing lung capacity, burning calories, and getting your heart pumping. But if you’re looking for the best way to burn body fat, cardio might not be the most efficient choice. It actually takes a substantial time commitment before cardio begins to pay off.

The Best Way to Burn Body Fat: Running from Velociraptors?

Back in the Jurassic period, you and your BFF, Grog, might have spent a lovely afternoon foraging for berries. Inevitably, a pesky velociraptor would have spotted the two of you and decided he needed a snack, too. Suddenly, you and Grog are sprinting up hills, jumping over logs, and climbing up trees to escape.

Nowadays, we’re fresh out of velociraptors, and we don’t have too many reasons to run from predators.

But all that sprinting, jumping, and climbing is excellent resistance training. Maybe Grog can’t say “resistance training” but he is living proof that this is the best way to burn body fat.

The Best Way To Burn Body Fat: Resistance Training

Since we’re literally not running for our lives anymore, we’re going to have to get a little creative in order to mimic running, jumping, and climbing to stay alive.

 Here are 3 of the best resistance training exercises to burn body fat! (For more body resistance exercises, check out this blog post.

Mastering these three movements will give you the same fat-burning results as Grog, but without running the risk of getting eaten.

Chin ups. These are great to work the biceps, and enable you to get in more reps than a pull up. The more frequently you train on chin ups, the faster you’ll improve. And, psst, your body doesn’t know the difference between a chin up at the gym or climbing a tree to get away from a hungry velociraptor.

Archer pushups. Don’t attempt these until a regular push up is achieved first, but there is nothing better for convincing your body that it has the strength to push away a heavy boulder with one arm pinned behind your back.

Hill sprints. Forget Velociraptors. The zombies. Are. Coming. Why not train now? This is perhaps the best way to burn body fat. They have more in common with a 3-rep squat than a jog around your neighborhood.

 There’s lots more information packed into the podcast below, including the science behind WHY resistance training is the best way to burn body fat.

If you’re ready to up-level in your battle against body fat, this video is for you! 



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