3 Powerful Strategies to Become An Expert in your Industry

how to become an expert in your industry

In the age of technology, having a lot of information about a broad range of topics isn’t enough. You need to become an expert in your industry to gain a competitive advantage.

This week on the podcast I talked to real estate genius and a fitness client of mine, Kevin Belzer, about what you need to do to “stay in your lane” in order to become an expert, and it’s probably not what you think.

Become An Expert in your Industry by Outsourcing

You can’t do all the things all the time. You’ll end up being average at a lot of things rather than an expert at a few things.

So, what’s Kevin’s advice?

“Write down everything you do at your job, he says, “then choose the top 3 activities you’re the best at and hand the rest off to an assistant.” In other words, outsourcing is your friend.

He also suggests looking at the things you can actually totally cut out of your job to become more niche-focused in order to become an expert that solves a specific problem.

Become An Expert In Your Industry by Goal Setting

Kevin is a huge fan of time blocking to stay on task during the day. His time blocks include time allotted each day for goals he’s trying to achieve:

“You’re looking for little gains to progress forward. Break large goals into small chunks and take one step toward that goal every day.”

You can’t have an Amazon Prime mentality. You need patience, discipline, and the ability to follow through on large projects by breaking them up into daily actionable steps.

Become An Expert In Your Industry Through Self-Care

Kevin is training with me right now and he’s absolutely killing it. He’s lost 20 pounds since December using the same strategies we just talked about: patience, diligence, and breaking up large goals into daily action steps.

One thing he said about fitness training that I thought was right on was:

“Fitness is the foundation of it all. If you get right with the body, you get right in your mind and everything else.” Your health and fitness level affects your work performance, and whether or not you’re going to have the mental energy and focus you need to become an expert!

There is so much more wisdom packed into this podcast episode with Kevin, including why he jumps into swimming pools with a full suit on in order to sell houses. If you’re ready to level up, make sure you take the time to listen to our whole conversation!

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