Being Lean vs. Shredded: What’s the Difference?

what's the difference between being lean or shredded

Last week, a friend of mine showed me something that honestly pissed me off. 

At first. 

He shared a screenshot of some bull$hit that another online fitness coach was talking about the Million Dollar Body method and how it can’t get you shredded.

To be honest, I was offended. I threw a pretty amazing self-pity party for a while…piñatas and all. But after the last Tootsie Roll fell from the pulverized piñata, I realized he was right.

The MDB program can get you lean for life, but it can’t get you the engorged, veiny muscles that look like they’re going to explode at any moment. So, if you want muscles that expose all the blues and purples of your vascular system and you’re ready to be miserable to get them, the Million Dollar Body method is *not* for you. 

The Difference Between Lean Vs. Shredded

Most people think that getting “shredded” is the same as becoming lean. These two terms are not interchangeable, and in this blog post we’re going to explore the difference between the two!

First of all, being shredded means having about 3-6% body fat, while being lean means more like 7-12% body fat.

Getting lean is much easier to accomplish than getting shredded. Over time, getting and staying shredded gets harder and harder—the longer you do it, the more narrow your inputs become. It’s a full time job of counting calories and working out. So, if you’re a busy dad with a busy job, get ready to stack on multiple hours of training and nutrition maintenance to what you already do. (Also, get ready for your wife to hate you.)

Why The Million Dollar Method is Superior for Busy Dads

Listen, there’s a reason that I designed the Million Dollar Body method the way that I did. I wanted a way for busy dads to get proven results with minimal effort. On this week’s episode of the Million Dollar Body podcast, I’m laying out exactly what it takes to get shredded versus getting lean for life and why the Million Dollar Body method is better for busy dads who are ready to get rid of the dad bod with enough time to be present with their families, i.e. not training all the time. 

You’ll learn:

  • What you can and can’t have/do if you’re trying to get shredded (Hint: Zero alcohol, no cake ever, no tacos which…how can you live?)
  • Why getting lean for life is such an important goal especially in your fight against dangerous visceral fat
  • How simple it is to implement the Million Dollar Body method into your busy lifestyle

If you’re ready to understand the difference between getting lean and shredded, and which one is better for you (psst…the MDB method), this podcast is for you!



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