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avoid colds chalice

You can’t train if you’re always sick. Nothing zaps feelings of progress like having to take a week off because of a head cold that you got from spending too much time in hospitals, schools, or bohemian coffee lounges. Avoid colds this season by boosting your immune system with this 3 minute morning routine.

If you’re always sick, or you get REALLY sick once per year, try my nutritional insurance policy.

N8 Nutritional Insurance Morning Ritual

Wake Up

Drink 24-32oz water

Mix 12 oz of water with:

1 Packet Emergen-C

1 scoop Isagenix Greens

avoid colds chalice

(The healing properties of this beverage are increased exponentially if you mix all the ingredients in a Medieval Chalice or Stein, then drink the entire beverage in one passionate slurp.)

Then, take 15-20 drops (ius) of Liquid Vitamin D. (normally you would take 3-5 ius, but since it’s related to immune boosting power, we need to supercharge it.)

Boom, now you’re ready for the day. Grab your coffee and breakfast,  do 25 pushups, and you’re out the door.

That’s all you need to know, but if you’re interested in the ‘why’, keep reading.


Why Do I Need to Drink Water?

36oz water– You just spent the last 7 hours not drinking anything, so it’s important to re-hydrate your body at the beginning of the day. This will prevent mid day cravings and re-hydrate your joints and muscles so you’ll feel and move better. Trust me.

avoid colds emergen c

Why do I Need to Take Vitamin C?

Emergen-C – Vitamin C has a ton of different benefits, from preventing muscle soreness to keeping arteries elastic (helpful for anti-aging). The one we’re most concerned with here though is the benefit to the immune system to avoid colds. Also, you can’t take too much vitamin- C, as anything you don’t absorb is peed out.

I also like Emergen-C in this situation because it helps make the Green Supreme Food more palatable.

Why Should I Take a Green Supplement?


Isagenix Greens– This supplement combines the benefits of 30 servings of fruits, veggies, and probiotics. I have a hard time eating enough vegetables, especially leafy green veggies, so I use this as my insurance policy.


If you can eat a ton of fruits and veggies during the day, you don’t need this stuff, but I find it’s easier to take a scoop in the morning, rather than trying to eat a few lbs of broccoli throughout the day.

This stuff is drinkable, but I prefer the taste when it has Emergen-C in it.

avoid colds D

Why Do I Need Vitamin D?

Liquid Vitamin D – Vitamin D is more of a hormone than a vitamin. Normally we would get this from the sun, by being outside for 10-20 minutes per day without sunscreen, but the reality is that most people don’t get enough vitamin D.

Especially true in places like Seattle, where they don’t even test for D deficiency anymore, they just assume that everyone has it.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a suppressed immune system, lower testosterone, and poor sleep. Take 5 drops on the tongue (5000 iu’s) in the morning to avoid colds and flu.

I’ve found personally that this helps with daily energy as well, and if I take the drops at night, I have more trouble falling asleep.

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Note – None of these claims have been evaluated by the FDA or by a rigorous scientific analysis. All I know is that I’ve used these products, and I know how I feel when using them. If you click the links to buy one of these on Amazon, I get some percentage of the sale. Full disclosure.






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